December 15, 2008 at 5:30 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, and Establishment of Quorum
2. Closed Session
3. Reconvene to Open Session, Invocation, and Pledges of Allegiance
3.A. Invocation - Chad Thiessen
3.B. Pledges of Allegiance - Parker Tower, Emily Simpson, and Sarah Baker
4. Open Forum
5. Public Hearing
5.A. 2007-2008 Academic Excellence Indicator System Report
6. Special Reports
6.A. Student Recognition - Lake Dallas Middle School
6.A.1. Parker Tower - All Region Band Student
6.A.2. Emily Simpson - All Region Band Student
6.A.3. Sarah Baker - All Region Band Student
6.B. Tax Rate Election Results
7. Consent Agenda Items
7.A. Consideration/Approval of the Minutes of the November 17, 2008 Regular Meeting
7.B. Consideration/Approval of Monthly Financial Statements
7.C. Consideration/Approval of Superintendent Evaluation Instrument
7.D. Consideration/Approval of Localized Board Policy Update 84
7.E. Consideration/Approval of Personnel Items
8. Action/Discussion Items
8.A. Consideration/Approval of the District's Investment Report and Investment Policy as stated in Board Policy CDA Legal and CDA Local
8.B. Consideration/Approval of the Technology Eplan
8.C. Consideration/Approval of the Lake Dallas High School Planning and Course Description Guide 2009-2010
9. Report/Information/Review Items
9.A. Campus Report - Lake Dallas Middle School
9.B. Curriculum Report - Mathematics Grades 5-8
9.C. Board Member Continuing Education
9.D. NCLB Highly Qualified Report
9.E. Monthly Campus Events - December/January
9.F. School Board Meeting Calendar
10. Closed Session
11. Adjournment
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