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January 19, 2016 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order:
1.A. Roll Call
2. Time for Public Comment:
3. Presentation(s):
3.A. A presentation and public hearing on the Edgewood Independent School District Annual Financial Management Report and its State Financial Accountability Rating under the School Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST).
3.B. Presentation of the Edgewood ISD Texas Academic Performance Report - Anna Nieto, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
3.C. Donation from Wells Fargo Bank for the Edgewood Education Foundation Fund.
3.D. Donation from the Red McCombs Partnership in Education for the Edgewood Education Foundation Scholarship Fund.
3.E. A presentation on the Annual Financial and Compliance Report for fiscal year Ended August 31, 2015.
4. Consent Agenda Items:
4.A. Approval of Budget Amendments for the period ending December 10, 2015
4.B. Approval of proclamation to recognize African-American History month in Edgewood ISD during the month of February 2016.
4.C. Approval of proclamation to recognize National School Counseling Week in Edgewood ISD, February 8-12, 2016.
4.D. Approval of Board Resolution in Support of Teen-Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention.
4.E. Approval of proclamation to recognize Career and Technical Education Month in Edgewood ISD during the month of February 2016.
4.F. Approval of Polling Locations to hold Primary, Spring Elections, Primary Runoff, Spring Runoff and Presidential Elections on Tuesday March 1, 2016; Saturday May 7, 2016; Tuesday May 24, 2016; TBD in June 2016 and Tuesday November 8, 2016.
4.G. Submission of TASB Localized Policy Manual Update 103 for First Reading only, except as otherwise noted.
5. Individual Items for Consideration and Approval:
5.A. Announcement of Board of Trustees required continuing education hours.
5.B. Proposed approval to purchase a cafeteria counter from Ace Mart Restaurant Supply for Loma Park School Kitchen, at a cost of $11,490.75, to be funded through Child Nutrition Funds.
5.C. Approval of the Certified Tax Assessment Rolls of Edgewood Independent School District for Year 2015.
5.D. Approval of First Quarterly Investment Report for the period of September 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015.
5.E. Approval of the Annual Financial and Compliance Report for fiscal year Ended August 31, 2015.
5.F. Approval to award RFP #16-001 District-Wide Trash and Recycling Collection to Republic Services for the 2015-2016 school year with an estimated cost of $195,298.32 utilizing local funds.
5.G. Approval to award RFP #16-002 Excess Worker’s Compensation and Loss Control to Jesse Trevino Insurance Agency in the amount of $66,868.00 utilizing local funds.
5.H. Approval to apply for the Modified Schedule/State Assessment days waiver from the Texas Education Agency for Edgewood Independent School District campuses, for the 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 schools years.
5.I. Proposed approval of the Dual Credit Academic Agreement with ACCD for a term extending through the Academic year ending May 2018, as amended by the proposed amendment to agreement.
5.J. Proposed approval to renew the onsite and annual maintenance support from JAMF Software in the cost of not to exceed $43,610.00 to be funded with local funds.
5.K. Proposed approval to renew the Laserfiche Support Contract for the Technology Department from SMARTfiles, Inc. in order to continue to provide online services for district forms at a cost not to exceed $34,459.00, to be paid with local funds.
5.L. Proposed approval of the Head Start Contract and Scope of Work which provides a projected funding award amount from the City of San Antonio (CoSA) in the amount of $4,102,560.00 (Federal Share) to fund the Head Start Program in Edgewood ISD for February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017.
5.M. Approval for the professional development services of Seidlitz Education, specifically through Dr. Lora Beth Escalante, for 4 days of Sheltered Instruction professional development, modeling, coaching, and follow-up with the core content area teachers of Elizabeth T. Wrenn Middle School, at a cost not to exceed $8,800.00.
5.N. Approval of Minutes for Board Meetings:  Regular Board Meeting on October 13, 2015, Regular Board Meeting on November 10, 2015, and Special Board Meeting on December 1, 2015.
5.O. Proposed approval of the purchase of instructional technology equipment for Gus Garcia Middle School from Dell for an amount not to exceed $14,968.80 utilizing Title I funds.
5.P. Designation of new HIPAA Privacy Officer and Update of Policy FLA (Local), accordingly.
5.Q. Proposed MOU with the San Antonio Police Department regarding the employment of EISD police officers for Special Events in the City of San Antonio Texas.
5.R. Discussion and appropriate action on  the process for selection of a superintendent, to include the issuance of an RFP for Superintendent/Executive Search Services.
6. Motion to go into Closed Session:
6.A. [Section 551.071, Texas Government Code - Consultation with Attorney:] For a private consultation with the Board's attorney with respect to pending or contemplated litigation or settlement offers, and/or on matters where the attorney's duty to the Board, under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the open government provisions of Chapter 551 of the Government Code, to wit:
6.A.1. Discussion and consideration of claim of Jose Cervantes for payment of paid leave for the current school year. 
6.A.2. Legal issues associated with prohibited discrimination involving students.
6.A.3. Discussion and consideration of administration's request to amend a portion of DC (Local) to temporarily delegate to the Superintendent or Interim Superintendent, as the case may be, final authority for the employment of all classroom teachers in the District through August 31, 2016. (Under both Tex. Gov't Code § 551.071 and § 551.074)
6.A.4. Legal issues associated with other agenda items brought into Closed session.
6.B. [Section 551.074, Texas Government Code - Personnel Matters:] To deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee, to wit:
6.B.1. New hires and/or changes in contract status of current personnel in order for the Administrative Management Team to make assignments to fill the following positions; subject, however, to the Management Team's authority to make assignments and reassignments of contract personnel in the proposed pay grade ranges offered, to wit:
6.B.1.a. Parent Engagement Coordinator - Pay Grade Range AP3 through AP5.
6.B.1.b. Middle School Assistant Principal - Pay Grade Range AP4 through AP5.
6.B.1.c. High School Assistant Principal - Pay Grade Range AP4 through AP5.
6.B.2. Individuals noted in Personnel Report. [Note: Board action on this item, if any, shall be conducted in Open Session and shall be limited to a decision that requires Board action; otherwise, the Personnel Report is for information only; and, in any event, the Board does not approve transfers, reassignments previously approved by Administrative authority, retirements, and reassignments.]
7. Discussion/Action on matters taken up in Closed Session and/or matters listed in Section VI, whether or not items listed therein were taken into Closed Session; and matters listed under Sections IV and/or V, if any, taken into Closed Session under Section VI or otherwise.
8. Administrative/Product Reports:
8.A. Tax Report for October 2015.
8.B. Tax Report for November 2015.
9. Information:
9.A. Financial Statements for October 2015.
9.B. Financial Statements for November 2015.
9.C. Overtime Reports for October 2015.
9.D. Overtime Reports for November 2015.
9.E. Supplemental Board Report for October 2015.
9.F. Supplemental Board Report for November 2015.
9.G. Consultant Evaluations for October 2015.
9.H. Consultant Evaluations for November 2015.
9.I. Community Partnership Monthly Report.
9.J. Escamilla & Poneck November 2015 Invoice.
10. New Business:
11. Announcement(s):
12. Adjournment:
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