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October 13, 2015 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order for October 13, 2015.
1.A. Roll Call
2. Time for Public Comment:
3. Presentation(s):
3.A. Edgewood Education Foundation presentation of check of $25,000.00 to the School District to fund the innovative Teaching grant.
3.B. Ray & Associates, Inc. Executive Search for Superintendent
3.C. Mayor's challenge calling on educators and others to collaborate toward making San Antonio a "My Brother's Keeper" community - Ramon Vasquez
3.D. McShan Consulting Firm Search for Superintendent
3.E. Gear-Up Students presentation of the College Explorers camp in Southern Arkansas University.
4. Consent Agenda Items:
4.A. Approval of Budget Amendments for the period ending September 29, 2015.
5. Individual Items for Consideration and Approval:
5.A. Approval of the District Improvement Plan for the 2015-2016 School Year.
5.B. Proposed appointment for new members to the SHAC and acceptance of resignation of current members from the SHAC.
5.C. Approval of Edgewood ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Amended Bylaws.
5.D. Proposed approval of Mentor Stipends for the 2015-2016 school year for a total amount of $39,000.00 to be paid from Title II part A funds.
5.E. Proposed approval for the renewal of the "Review 360" maintenance and support license from Pearson Education, Inc., for behavioral tracking of Special Education students, for a cost of $7,259.00, to be funded through Special Education Federal funds.
5.F. Proposed approval to renew the Accelerated Reading Licensing, Hosting and Support from Renaissance Learning, Inc. for all District students in grade 1-12 for a total cost of $71,930.97, to be paid with local funds.
5.G. Approval of the renewal of Reflex Math District License for elementary schools in the amount of $25,457.50 from State Compensatory Education funds.
5.H. Proposed approval to purchase math, reading, writing, and science consumables from Mentoring Minds for Loma Park Elementary School, at a cost not to exceed $10,036.15, utilizing Title I Funds.
5.I. Approval of Edgewood ISD's continued participation in the "Go Public" Education Campaign for an amount not to exceed $15,000, utilizing local funds. 
5.J. Approval of Fourth Quarterly Investment Report for the period of June 1, 2015 through August 31, 2015.
5.K. Proposed approval to correct the aggregate expenditure for M & A Technology for the 2015-2016 school year to $1,043,120.00.
5.L. Proposed approval to purchase a Walk-In Cooler/Freezer from Reliance Air & Refrigeration, LLC for Burleson Head Start kitchen, at a cost not to exceed $41,986.93, to be funded through Child Nutrition Funds.
5.M. Proposed approval of Funds for Learning, LLC to provide professional E-rate consulting services for the Federal E-rate Funding Program for the 2015-2016 school year at a cost $48,500.00, to be paid with local funds.
5.N. Proposed approval for services with ThyssenKrupp Elevator for maintenance and repair services to all district elevators for the 2015-2016 school year at a cost of $109,328.95 utilizing local funds.
5.O. Approval of the Targeted Improvement Plan for Gus Garcia Middle School for the 2015-2016 school year.
5.P. Approval of Minutes for Board Meetings:  Special Board Meeting on August 19, 2015, Special Board Meeting on August 25, 2015, Second Special Board Meeting on  August 25, 2015, Special Board Meeting on August 27, 2015, Regular Board Meeting on September 8, 2015.
5.Q. Proposed approval for the purchase of 20 Dual-Sided Card Printer Kits with Ethernet from IDenticard in the amount of $38,700.00, to be paid with local funds.
5.R. Approval to Appropriate Prior Year Encumbrances.
5.S. Proposed MOU with program agreement with ACCD, City of SAT, and Westside Development Corporation (WDC), relating to the former Lincoln Elementary campus and the Westside Education Training Center and authorization for WDC, at its own cost and expense, to temporarily utilize the small building on the Lincoln campus, subject of the lease agreement as described in the MOU.
6. Motion to go into Closed Session:
6.A. [Section 551.071, Texas Government Code - Consultation with Attorney:] For a private consultation with the Board's attorney with respect to pending or contemplated litigation or settlement offers, and/or on matters where the attorney's duty to the Board, under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the open government provisions of Chapter 551 of the Government Code, to wit:
6.A.1. Edgewood ISD Self-Funded Medical Health Insurance.
6.A.2. Issues related to the proposed commercial credit card agreement with Wells Fargo Bank.
6.A.3. Proposed process to meet legal requirements for the appointment to fill a vacancy on the Board of Trustees.
6.A.4. Agreement with Region 20 under the Texas Support for Homeless Education Program grant, to provide training, technical assistance, and funding for the purchase of supplies and resources for McKinney-Vento students.
6.A.5. Agreement with Region 20 under a Shared Service Agreement for a Title I, Part C, migrant education program.
6.A.6. Legal issues associated with agenda items brought into Closed Session.
6.B. [Section 551.074, Texas Government Code - Personnel Matters:] To deliberate the, appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee, to wit:
6.B.1. New hires and/or changes in contract status of current personnel in order for the Administrative Management Team to make assignments to fill the following positions; subject, however, to the Management Team's authority to make assignments and reassignments of contract personnel in the proposed pay grade ranges offered to the, to wit:
6.B.1.a. Kennedy High School Principal - Pay Grade Range AP4 through AP9.
6.B.1.b. Memorial High School Principal - Pay Grade Range AP4 through AP9.
6.B.1.c. Edgewood Career Coordinator - Pay Grade Range AP4 through AP5.
6.B.1.d. Middle School Assistant Principal - Pay Grade Range AP4 through AP5.
6.B.1.e. Parent Engagement Coordinator - Pay Grade Range AP2 through AP5. 
6.B.1.f. Human Resources Director - Pay Grade Range AM2 through AM6.
6.B.2. Individual noted in Personnel Report. [Note: Board action on this item, if any, shall be conducted in Open Session and shall be limited to decision that require Board action; otherwise, the persons noted in the Personnel Report are for information only; and, in any event, the Board does not approve transfers, resignations previously approved by Administrative authority, retirements, and reassignments.]
7. Discussion/Action on matters taken up in Closed Session and/or matters listed in Section VI, whether or not items listed therein were taken into Closed Session; and matters listed under Sections IV and/or V, if any, taken into Closed Session under Section VI.
8. Administrative/Product Reports:
8.A. Tax Report for August 2015
9. Information:
9.A. Financial Statements for September 2015.
9.B. Overtime Reports for August 2015.
9.C. Supplemental Board Report for August 2015.
9.D. Consultant Evaluations for August 2015.
9.E. Donations Report for October 2015.
9.F. Community Partnership Monthly Report
10. New Business:
11. Announcement(s):
12. Adjournment:
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