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January 14, 2019 at 5:00 PM - Reorganizational Meeting

I. Determination of Quorum and Call to Order
II. Agenda approval
III. Action Agenda
III.A. Elect Chair Person
III.B. Elect Treasurer 
III.C. Elect Clerk
III.D. Elect Officers pro tem
Description:  Pro tem Chair- Clarice
Pro tem Treasurer- Cindy 
Pro tem Clerk- Darcy 
III.E. Set Salaries for Chairperson/Directors
Description:  Last year the salary for the Board Chairperson was $275/ month for five meetings and any additional meetings compensated at $25 each. The Board Member salary was $250/month for five meetings and any additional meetings compensated at the rate of $20 each, with the stipulation that if a board member is absent from a regularly scheduled meeting 50% of the salary will be deducted and if both regularly scheduled meetings are not attended 100% of the salary will be deducted for that month. 
III.F. Approve the Use of the Signature Plate
Description:  The signature plate used to stamp employee checks will have inaccurate Board Officer names until the new plate can be produced. Please approve the use of the existing plate until the new one has been completed. 
III.G. Set Date, Time, and Location for Regular Board Meetings
Description:  The time, date, and place of regular meetings should be set. The following motion is similar to the one used last year, except for adjustments being made due to holidays: 

That the regular board meetings be set for the second and fourth Monday's of each month. Meetings shall begin at 5:00 P.M. and set only one board meeting for the month of December on Monday, December 9, 2019. The second meeting in May will be set for Tuesday, May 28, 2019, due to Memorial Day. The second meeting in November will be set for Tuesday, November 12, 2019, due to Veterans Day. 

The October 14 meeting would need to be rescheduled if the board determines Columbus Day is a holiday. 
III.H. Adopt Robert's Rules of Order 10th Edition
Description:  Adopt Robert's Rules of Order 10th Edition as the authority for conducting meetings. 
III.I. Appoint Board Members as Representatives for: 
III.I.1. Community Education Advisory Board
Description:  Clarice Sever
III.I.2. Early Childhood Family Education Advisory Board
Description:  Shelly Lappi or Jackyln Corradi Simon
III.J. Appoint Standing Committees: 
III.J.1. Budget/Construction Committee
Description:  Bob Rahja
Darcy Lucas
Cindy Rice
III.J.2. Personnel Committee
Description:  Bob Rahja
Clarice Sever
Shelly Lappi
III.J.3. Teacher Negotiations
Description:  Bob Rahja
Darcy Lucas
Jaclyn Corradi Simon
III.J.4. Noncertified Negotiations 
Description:  Bob Rahja
Clarice Sever
Jaclyn Corradi Simon
III.J.5. Joint Academic Committee
III.J.6. At-Will Negotiations Team 
Description:  (Superintendent, Business Manager, Confidential Secretary, Confidential Financial Assistant) 

Bob Rahja
Shelly Lappi 
Cindy Rice
III.J.7. Administrative Negotiations Team
Description:  (Superintendent and Principal's) 

Bob Rahja 
Shelly Lappi 
Cindy Rice
III.J.8. Activities Committee
Description:  (Discipline Committee, Collaborative/Schedule C Committee, Joit Extra Curricular Committee, and Joint Academic Committee) 

Bob Rahja 
Darcy Lucas
III.K. Determine Official District Depositories
Description:  Please approve American Bank, U.S. Bank Trust, and PFM Asset Management and PMA Financial Network Inc. as the district's official depositories and allow online access to the accounts for the business office. 
III.L. Approve Broker Certificates 
Description:  Please approve the Notifications to Broker Certificates by Broker pursuant to Minn. Stat. 118A.04 for Robert W. Baird and Company,  PMA Securities and PFM Asset Management LLC. 
III.M. Designate Official Newspaper
Description:  The official newspaper should be designated. M.S. 31A.04 requires that this be a newspaper with its office within the school district. The pricing remains the same from last year's pricing. Please accept and award the bid to the Chisholm Tribune PRess and designate it as the official school newspaper.
IV. Discussion
V. Information
VI. Adjourn

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