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January 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call meeting to order and establish quorum
II. Prayer, Pledge, Motto, Mission, Vision, & Belief Statements
III. School Board Appreciation Meal-HS Student Center
IV. Open forum
V. Executive Session - (Administration Building)
V.A. Tex.Gov't Code 551.074 Personnel: Deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer: Superintendent Evaluation, Personnel
V.B. Tex.Gov't Code 551.071 & 551.129 Consultation with Attorney: Concerning Pending or Threatened Litigation Involving RLM General Contractors on the 2017 Bond Projects
VI. Informational Items
VI.A. Cash Flow & Check Register
VI.B. Enrollment
VII. Action Items for Discussion/Action
VII.A. Consent Agenda
VII.A.1. Minutes
VII.B. Order Trustee Election
VII.C. Walsh Gallegos Retainer
VII.D. Proceed with additional Services for RMS with Goodwin, Lasiter, and Strong.
VII.E. Discuss and Possible Action to Select Job Order Contract or Competitive Sealed Proposals as the Delivery Method for the RMS Building Project 2022 and RISD Paving Project 2022. 
VII.F. Open/Accept Bids Through the Competitive Sealed Proposal Process for the RES Building Project 2022 and the RISD Paving Project 2022.
VII.G. Possible Action to Adopt the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage schedule for the 2022 calendar year including the RMS Building Project 2022 and RISD Paving Project 2022.
VII.H. Resolution Delegation Authorities to the Superintendent during COVID Pandemic
VIII. Superintendent's Report
VIII.A.1. On-Site Testing
VIII.B. Construction Update
VIII.B.1. Bond Construction
VIII.B.2. Construction Audit Services
VIII.B.3. RMS Facility Projects
VIII.B.4. Major Facility Projects
VIII.B.4.a. Maintenance
VIII.C. Informational
IX. Adjourn

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