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January 13, 2020 at 5:45 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
I.A. Establish Quorum
I.B. Invocation
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance - Kristina and Blake Taylor
II. Public Comment -- Patrons who have duly registered per policy BED(LOCAL) may address the Board regarding matters of concern/interest to the district, other than the character of any student, staff or Board member. The Board may not act upon any matter that is not listed under the Action Item portions of the agenda. The Board will continue with the remaining agenda after the registered patrons have had an opportunity to speak. Pursuant to PISD policies BED
III. Student/Staff Recognition
III.A. Board Recognition Month
Attachments: (1)
III.B. Varsity Football - State Runner-Ups
Attachments: (1)
IV. Consent Agenda (One motion for all items unless specified by Board Member)
IV.A. Consider Approval of the Minutes from the December 16, 2019 Regular Meeting
Attachments: (1)
IV.B. Consider Approval of Grants and Donations
Attachments: (1)
IV.C. Consider Approval of Monthly Financial Statements
Attachments: (2)
IV.D. Consider Approval of Tax Collection Report
Attachments: (1)
IV.E. Consider Approval of Utility Bill Report
Attachments: (1)
V. Discussion/Action Items
V.A. Set Date on February 10, 2020 for a Public Hearing to Discuss the District's Texas Academic and Performance Report (TAPR)/Annual Performance Report
V.B. Consider Approval of the 2020-2021 School Calendar
Attachments: (1)
V.C. Consider Approval to Change Board Meeting Dates
Attachments: (1)
V.D. Consider Appointment of the Board Budget Committee
Attachments: (1)
V.E. Consider Approval of the 2020-2021 Budget Handbook
Attachments: (1)
V.F. Consider Resolution for Order of the 2020 Trustee Election, May 2, 2020
Attachments: (1)
V.G. Consider Approval of Joint Election Agreement with the City of Pottsboro
Attachments: (1)
VI. Superintendent’s Report
VI.A. Future Board Meeting Dates:  February 10, February 11, March 23, April 27, May 18, June 15, July 27, and August 24
VI.B. Update on Construction Projects
VII. Adjourn

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