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July 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance to America Flag
III. Pledge of Allegiance to Texas Flag
IV. Moment of Silence
V. Public Comment
VI. School Board Ethics
VII. Consent Agenda Items (Goal 2)
VII.a. Tax Collections Report as of the Month of June 2019
VII.b. Financial Report as of the end of June 2019
VII.c. Check Payments for the Month of June 2019
VII.d. Approve Previous Board Minutes 
VIII. 2019-2020 Preliminary Budget Discussions & Action Items  (Goal 2)
VIII.a. 2019-2020 Chapter 49 Provisions - Excess Local Revenues (Previously Chapter 41)
VIII.b. Payroll Costs and Benefits
VIII.b.1. 2019-2020 Salary Schedules, Additional Pay Schedules & Employee Health Coverage
VIII.c. Special Projects for Facilities and Technology - Assigned Fund Balance
VIII.d. Preliminary Estimated Revenues and Appropriations
IX. Action Items (Goals 1,2,3)
IX.a. District ADA Transition Plan
IX.b. 2019-2020  Staff Retention Initiative
IX.c. Adopt the 2019-2020 Student Code of Conduct
IX.d. 2018-2019 CIP/DIP Improvement Plan
IX.e. Appoint a representative to the Brewster County Appraisal District Board of Directors
X. Maintenance of Effort - IDEA -B (Goal 1,2)
XI. Progress Measures (Goal 1)
XI.a. Review 2019-2020 Student Handbook
XII. Facilities Update
XIII. Closed Session (Goal 1)
In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act( Subchapter D and F of Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code), the board will now enter into a closed meeting to deliberate subjects listed on this agenda authorized by Subchapter D.  Any final action, decision, or vote on a subject deliberated in the closed meeting will be take in an open meeting held in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.
XIII.a. Discuss Superintendent's Social Studies Teacher Recommendation
XIV. Open Session  (Goal 1)
XIV.a. Take appropriate action regarding  Superintendent's Teacher Contract Recommendation
XV. Schedule Future Meeting(s)
XV.a. Preliminary Budget and Tax Rate Adoption Meetings 
XVI. Adjourn Meeting

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