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June 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting along with Public Hearing at 5:45 to Discuss Proposed Budget and Tax Rate

1. Public Hearing at 5:45
1.1. Discuss Proposed 2022-2023 Budget
1.2. Discuss Proposed 2022-2023 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Tax Rate
1.3. Discuss Proposed 2022-2023 Debt Service Tax Rate (I&S)
2. Call to Order
2.1. Roll call and establish a quorum
2.2. Prayer
2.3. Pledge
2.4. Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees Vision Statement. 
2.4.A. "Reagan County ISD is a District committed to Opportunity, Innovation and Individual Excellence."
3. Public Comments/Open Community Forum - The public is invited to sign up and speak on matters of concern. The Board welcomes comments during the public comment part of the meeting.  However, in accordance with the Texas Opens Meeting Act, Board Members cannot discuss or vote on issues not posted on the agenda.  Please limit comments to 5 minutes per speaker (BED Local).  Sign in with recording secretary.
4. Parents/Students/Teachers of the Month
5. Administrative Reports to include Campus Reports, Special Populations, Curriculum, Athletic, Technology, Transportation, Food Service Reports as Needed:
6. Superintendent Report:
6.1.  RCISD Maintenance, Construction and ADA Update
6.2. Policy Options for selecting and Reviewing Library Materials (Retain Current Policy or Single Option or Split)
6.3. New School Safety Training for School Board Trustees
6.4. Guardian Training for 2022-2023 is complete.
6.5. Submitted Physical Assessment results to TEA on June 10th.
6.6. New Intruder audit required throughout the school year.
6.7. Deadline for Board of Trustees to adopt an Election Order is August 22nd.
6.8. edVantage Strategy Group to help market the bond election.
6.9. Possible SRO officer for all three campuses (see attachment)
6.10. STAAR and TELPAS Results (see attachment)
6.11. Tennis court lights  are scheduled to be installed this week. Track lights are complete.
6.12. HVAC Unit in weight room on schedule
6.13. We are still waiting for school buses to arrive.
6.14. Next month, the Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 11th at 6:00 PM
6.15. District Enrollment: 815
6.16. Gaines County:
  • We are working with the County to go out for bid for the Oil and Gas Lease in Gaines County.
7. Consent Agenda: (Action Required) 
7.1. Previous Minutes: May 12th and May 17th
7.2. Business Manager's Report:
7.2.A. Bills as Paid:
7.2.B.  Revenues, Expenditures and Cash Balances
7.2.C. Budget Amendments
7.3. Monthly Collection of Taxes
8. New Business: Consider/Discuss: (Action Required)
8.1. Consideration and possible action to approve the 2022-2023 Budget
8.2. Consideration and possible action to adopt the I&S Tax Rate for 2022-2023
8.3. Consideration and possible action to give the Superintendent the authority to hire contract employees through July 31st. 
8.4. Consideration and possible action to approve employee contracts and resignations.
9. Consider Adjournment:
10. Future Business: The Regular July Reagan County ISD Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 11th at 6:00 PM

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