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January 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
Description:  It has been found and determined that in accordance with the policies and orders of the Board, the notice of this meeting was posted publicly at the Administration Building in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Section 551.001 et. seq., and that all of the terms of said article have been fully complied with and that the 72-hour notice required has been properly and correctly given.
2. Invocation
3. Pledges of Allegiance
4. Open Forum (Public Comment Session)
Description:  At this time, the Board will listen to comments from the public and others regarding both agenda action items and items that are not on the agenda. No action may be taken on non-agenda items. Public participation is limited to the designated open forum portion of a regular meeting. No presentation shall exceed a maximum of five minutes. Delegations of more than five persons shall appoint one person to present their views before the Board. COMPLAINTS AGAINST SPECIFIC EMPLOYEES OR INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THESE COMPLAINTS ARE COVERED BY A SEPARATE POLICY. Members of the public will not be allowed to offer comments on agenda action items when that item is on the floor for discussion unless requested to do so by the President of the Board. This audience participation period is not the appropriate means for bringing complaints for which resolution is sought.
5. Board Announcements and Information
6. Superintendent's Announcements and Information
6.A. Summer Leadership Institute Dates - June 19 - 21 @ San Antonio &
June 26 - 28 @ Fort Worth
7. Business Items
Description:  The Board of Trustees have been supplied detailed background information regarding each item of business on the “Consent Agenda” if one is so indicated, or it has been discussed at a previous meeting of the Board. All items will be acted upon by one vote without being discussed separately. If requested by a Board member, individual items may be removed from the “Consent Agenda” to be discussed and voted upon separately. All items are as recommended by the Superintendent.
8. Recommended Consent Items A - D
8.A. Approval of December 19, 2013 Board Minutes
8.B. Approval of December Expenditures
8.C. Acceptance of 3rd Six Weeks Honors/Failures Reports
8.D. Approval of High School Student Handbook Change
9. Acceptance of Annual Audit Report
10. Discussion of Board Facilities Tour
11. Updates:  Business & Finance, Curriculum & Instruction, Maintenance & Operations
12. Discussion of Future Elementary Campus Needs
13. Update on Bond Improvements
14. Personnel Resignations
15. Personnel Employment
Description:  The Board may elect to meet in closed (executive) session to discuss personnel pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act, Section §551.074(a)(1).
Any action, decision or final vote with regard to any matter considered in such closed session shall be made in open session.
16. Consider and if appropriate, take action on a Level Three parent complaint, in accordance with H-F ISD board policy FNG
Description:       " The Level Three hearing will be conducted in closed ( executive ) session, as permitted by section 551.082 ( a ) (1), Texas Government Code.         "  The Board may also elect to consult in closed ( executive ) session with its attorney - either before and/or after the hearing - regarding legal aspects of this matter, as permitted by section 551. 071 ( 2 ), Texas Government Code.               " Any action, decision or vote on this matter will be taken in open ( public ) session,  at this meeting or at a duly posted and noticed subsequent meeting of the Board of Trustees. "
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