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July 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Special Meeting

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
Description:  It has been found and determined that in accordance with the policies and orders of the Board, the notice of this meeting was posted publicly at the Administration Building in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Section 551.001 et. seq., and that all of the terms of said article have been fully complied with and that the 72-hour notice required has been properly and correctly given.
2. Open Forum (Public Comment Section)
Description:  At this time, the Board will listen to comments from the public and others regarding both agenda action items and items that are not on the agenda. No action may be taken on non-agenda items. Public participation is limited to the designated open forum portion of a regular meeting. Any person wishing to address the Board concerning an item on the agenda for an open meeting must register with the Board secretary by email at no later than 10:00 a.m. the day of the Board meeting.  Any person wishing to address the Board concerning an item not on the Agenda can register with the Board Secretary at any time prior to the Board meeting.  Speakers will not be permitted to criticize HFISD employees, whether addressing the Board on an Agenda item or a subject not on the posted Agenda.
3. Discussion and Possible Approval of Transportation Services Provider
Description:  AllAboard Transportation, the district's current transportation provider, notified the district in late April 2021 that the company would no longer offer school transportation services.  Therefore, the district sought proposals from other transportation companies.

The board was provided proposals from GoldStar Transit, Inc., AllAboard Texas, and First Student, Inc. The board discussed, considered proposals/options, and decided to negotiate an agreement for transportation services with AllAboard Texas.  The board will consider certain insurance requests to finalize an agreement.  The board may also consider prior proposals for acceptance.

4. Discussion of General Matters Related to Bond Project
Description:  As a result of the ongoing bond project, the board will continue to receive monthly updates and information throughout the life of the project to its completion.

The administration, architects, and/or the CMaR will discuss general items and answer questions for the board.  In addition, specific items will be discussed relating, but not limited to, an overview of the design development book, the design of gymnasium bleachers, construction timeline, possibly setting a special meeting, the community bond committee, etc.
5. Discussion Regarding Concession Building, Facility Roofs, and Possible Approval to Call a Bond Election
Description:  At its April 26, 2021 board meeting, the Board approved the hiring of LaBiche Architectural Group to begin the schematic design phase of a concession building. In addition, the board decided it possibly wanted to ask the community to support a second bond in November 2021 to pay for the concession building. The board also sought services from LaBiche Architectural Group to develop a scope of work to replace the Middle School buildings' roofs.

The Board’s deadline to call an election for November 2021 is August 16, 2021.  This discussion and possible approval will give district administrators more direction to begin the necessary steps to develop a bond proposal.  In addition, LaBiche will give an update on the scope of work progress for the roofs.
6. Business Items (Consent Agenda)
Description:  The Board of Trustees have been supplied detailed background information regarding each item of business on the "Consent Agenda" if one is so indicated or it has been discussed at a previous meeting of the Board. All items will be acted upon by one vote without being discussed separately.  If requested by a Board member, individual items may be removed from the"Consent Agenda" to be discussed and voted upon separately.  All items are as recommended by the Superintendent.
6.A. Discussion and Possible Approval of Purchase and Installation of Library Furniture for the Intermediate and Middle School.
Description:  Board Policy CH(Local) requires budgeted purchases of goods or services costing $25,000 or more, regardless of whether the goods or services are competitively purchased, require board approval before a transaction may take place.

The Library Store was used to purchase the library furniture after Hurricane Harvey.  The shelving units were mostly destroyed during the flooding of Tropical Storm Imelda.  We chose all metal shelving to replace the damaged shelving in case of future events.  We have provided two options.

A - Cost of shelving for both campuses  $76,956.58
B - Cost of shelving for both campuses with professional installation  $92,256.58
Attachments: (4)
7. The Board May Convene into Closed (executive) session, TX Govt. Code 551.001 to discuss the following Items:
7.A. To deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public of officer or employee (Tex Govt Code 551.074, et seq.)
Description:  The district currently has one or more vacant positons.  Interviews are currently being conducted, and the Superintendent will bring recommendations for the position(s) to this Board meeting, if feasible.

Any action, decision or final vote with regard to any matter considered in such closed session, shall be made in open session.
8. Action(s) Relative to items considered in Closed Session.
9. Personnel Employment
Description:  The District currently has one or more vacant positions.

Interviews are currently being conducted, and the Superintendent will bring recommendations for the position(s) to this Board meeting, if feasible.
10. Personnel Resignations
Description:  It is possible that one or more resignations could be in the process of being submitted to the Superintendent.
If received, the Superintendent will present letters of resignation for board information.
11. Monthly Updates:  Business, Finance & Food Service, Curriculum & Instruction, Maintenance & Operation and Technology Departments

12. Board Announcements
13. Adjournment
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