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November 9, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Meeting Procedures
III. Approval of General Agenda
IV. Presentation - Community Bank
V. Presentation - Smith, Shellnut, & Willson LLC
VI. Presentation - Christa Staples
VII. Recognitions
VIII. Approval of October 18, 2021 Minutes
IX. Approval of November 2, 2021 Special Called Minutes
X. Approval to Advertise for Bids for Awning Replacement and Repairs at Various Locations
XI. Approval of Monthly Financial Report for September, 2021.
XII. Approval to Advertise for Bids for Lawn Care Maintenance for March 2022-October 2022.
XIII. Approval to Advertise for Quotes for 2021-2022 Erate Projects
XIV. Approval to Advertise for Bids on Lumberton Softball Complex Locker Room, Concessions, and Press Box.
XV. Approval to Accept Reverse Auction Bid of $1,270,880.00 for 611 Promethean Intereactive Panels from Synergetics to be paid using ESSER II funds. 
XVI. Approval to Accept Bid of $120,480.94 from Sports Floors, Inc. for OGMS Gym Floor Replacement.
XVII. Approval for Topographical Survey of PHS Gymnasium by Andrews Engineering, PLLC
XVIII. Approval of Policies for Review with No Change Recommended:  GBRG, GBRGB, GBRHA, GBRHB, GBRID, GBRJ, GBRL, GBRM, GBS, GC, GCD
XIX. Approval of Change to Policy JB, JB-P
XX. Approval of New Policies GBR, GBR-P
XXI. Board Attorney Matters
XXI.A. Interlocal Agreement between LCSD and Sheriff's Department-Modifications requested by Sheriff
XXII. 16th Section Land Manager Matters
XXII.A. Approve a new 40-Year Residential Lease to Curtis Campbell
XXIII. Superintendent's Report
XXIV. Set Next Regular Meeting for December 13, 2021 at Sumrall High School beginning at 6:00p.m.
XXV. Consent Agenda Items
XXV.A. Personnel Matters
XXV.A.1. Non-Certified Resignations/Retirements
XXV.A.1.a. Resign - Latasha Moore as Cafeteria Employee at OGLU effective September 24, 2021.
XXV.A.1.b. Resign - Emily McFarland as Bus Monitor at Lumberton effective October 18, 2021.
XXV.A.1.c. Resign - Shawna Mott as Bus Monitor at Oak Grove effective October 18, 2021.
XXV.A.1.d. Resign - Iranda Porter as Cafeteria Employee effective September 18, 2021.
XXV.A.1.e. Resign - Jamie Ash as Cafeteria Employee effective September 27, 2021.
XXV.A.1.f. Resign - Isabella Madden as Nurse Aide at OGMS effective November 8, 2021.
XXV.A.1.g. Resign - Valenica Mathis as Cafeteria Employee at Longleaf effective October 25, 2021.
XXV.A.1.h. Resign - Carly McNeese as Bus Monitor at Purvis effective October 29, 2021
XXV.A.2. Non-Certified Transfers
XXV.A.2.a. Transfer - Carolyn Aycock from Personal Care Aide to SpEd Assistant Teacher at Baxterville retroactive to November 1, 2021.
XXV.A.2.b. Transfer - Tonya Stevens from 6-hour Bus Driver to 8-hour Bus Driver retroactive to October 11, 2021.
XXV.A.2.c. Transfer - Sadora Jarvis from Non-Certified Title I Tutor to Certified Title I Tutor at OGLE retroactive to October 19, 2021.
XXV.A.2.d. Transfer - Nedra Powers from Non-Certified Title I Tutor to Certified Title I Tutor at OGLE retroactive to October 6, 2021.
XXV.A.2.e. Transfer - Carlene Parente from Full-time Cafeteria Employee to Substitute Cafeteria Employee effective October 8, 2021.
XXV.A.2.f. Transfer - Kimberly Clark from Cafeteria Employee at OGMS to Cafeteria Manager at SMH replacing Sabrina Merritt retroactive to October 25, 2021.
XXV.A.3. Non-Certified Recommendations
XXV.A.3.a. Lisa Whiddon as Part-time ESSER Intercession Day Porter retroactive to September 27, 2021.
XXV.A.3.b. Kelly Ford as Personal Care Aide at Baxterville replacing Carolyn Aycock retroactive to November 1, 2021.
XXV.A.3.c. Correction - Bianca Toledo-Grover recommended as Part-time Non-Certified Title 1 Tutor at OGUE should have been Title I Assistant Teacher at OGUE retroactive to October 15, 2021.
XXV.A.3.d. Shandon Huddleston as Substitute Bus Monitor at Oak Grove retroactive to October 29, 2021.
XXV.A.3.e. Bethany Stokes as Long Term Substitute retroactive to November 1, 2021.
XXV.A.3.f. Rebecca Carraway as ESSER Nurse Aide at OGHS replacing Kristy Lee effective November 9, 2021.
XXV.A.3.g. Amanda Burleson as ESSER Fall Intercession Teacher retroactive to September 27, 2021.
XXV.A.3.h. Monica Barnes as Cafeteria Employee at OGLU replacing Jennifer Hawkins retroactive to October 22, 2021.
XXV.A.3.i. Geneva Ordyne as Cafeteria Employee at PUMH replacing Frita Manton retroactive to October 25, 2021.
XXV.A.3.j. Ashley Brown as Cafeteria Employee at SES replacing Carlene Parente effective November 10, 2021
XXV.A.3.k. Tammy McLain as Cafeteria Employee at OGLU replacing Quintella Echols retroactive to November 8, 2021.
XXV.A.3.l. Stephanie Morgan as Cafeteria Subsititue retroactive to October 26, 2021.
XXV.A.3.m. Sasha Edwards as Substitute Bus Monitor retroactive to October 28, 2021.
XXV.A.3.n. Brooke Gilliam as Bus Monitor in Lumberton retroactive to November 2, 2021.
XXV.A.3.o. Kirsten Raimey as Administrative Assistant at OGMS replacing Chetara Pickens effective November 9, 2021.
XXV.A.3.p. Whitney McDonald as Administrative Assistant/Attendance Clerk at OGMS replacing Stacy Vincent retroactive to November 5, 2021.
XXV.A.3.q. Tyler Ferguson as Part-time ATSI Tutor at PMS replacing Julie Ryals retroactive to November 1, 2021.
XXV.A.3.r. Jessica Sullivan as 6-hour Bus Monitor at Purvis replacing Carly McNease retroactive to November 3, 2021.
XXV.A.3.s. Candace Hollingsworth Farve as 4-hour Bus Monitor in Sumrall retroactive to November 3, 2021
XXV.A.4. Certified Resignations/Retirements
XXV.A.4.a. Resign - Benjamin Hughes as Teacher at OGMS effective October 6, 2021.
XXV.A.4.b. Retire - Jeffrey Waits as Metal Fabrication Teacher at LCCTE effective January 1, 2022.
XXV.A.4.c. Retire - Randy Germany as Teacher at OGHS effective December 17, 2021.
XXV.A.5. Certified Transfers
XXV.A.5.a. Transfer - Ashleigh Blackmon from Teacher at Longleaf to Gifted Teacher at PLE/BAX replacing Melissa Smith effective November 29, 2021.
XXV.A.6. Certified Recommendations
XXV.A.6.a. Hilleri Burks as Part-time Title I Certified Tutor at OGUE retroactive to October 20, 2021.
XXV.A.6.b. Tina Mozingo - Teach 1 additional section of SPED Learning Strategies replacing Jane Thomas effective December 31, 2021.
XXV.A.6.c. Christopher Lee as Girl's Powerlifting Coach at OGHS replacing Paul Douglas retroactive to October 19, 2021.
XXV.A.6.d. Drake Broome as Metal Fabrication Instructor at LCCTE replacing Jeffrey Waits effective January 3, 2022.
XXV.A.6.e. Catherine Anderson as Part-time ESSER Certified After School Tutor at Longleaf retroactive to September 13, 2021.
XXV.A.6.f. Megan McKenzie teach one additional semester section of Science replacing Randy Germany effective January 1, 2022.
XXV.A.6.g. Kelly Bush teach one additional semester section of Science replacing Randy Germany effective January 1, 2022.
XXV.A.6.h. Tammy Anderson teach one additional semester section of Science replacing Randy Germany effective January 1, 2022.
XXV.A.7. Approval of Additional Intercession Bus Drivers and Monitors
XXV.A.8. Approval of Salary Scale Change
XXV.A.9. Approval of Special One Year Educator License for Hope Roberts.
XXV.B. Purchases
XXV.B.1. For District, Annual membership dues at a cost of $10,325.00 from Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium.  To be paid from District budget. (Purchase form #9104)
XXV.B.2. For District, 14 Bottle Fillers at a cost of $5,815.60 from Coburn's.  To be paid from ESSER I funds.  Alternate quote WDM $6,978.72. (Purchase form #9140)
XXV.C. Approval of Accounts Payable Claims, Receipts and Disbursements
XXV.D. Donations
XXV.D.1. To PHS, $10,202.86 cash donation from PHS Class of 2020.  To be used as follows: $5,000 for any school need and $5202.86 for any cheer needs.
XXV.D.2. To LCSD Early Learning Collaborative, $155,000.00 cash donation from The First Bank.  To be used for Early Learning Collaborative program.
XXV.D.3. To Longleaf, Emily Ladner, Books valued at $280.00 from Donors Choose.  To be used in book vending machine.
XXV.D.4. To OGHS, $3,125.00 cash donation from Lamar Co. Education Foundation.  To be used in the community-based classrooms.
XXV.D.5. To OGP, $500.00 cash donation from Mike Grogan.  To be used for classroom enhancements.
XXV.D.6. To LCSD, 195 HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE valued at $87,750.00 from CDWG.  To be used as needed.
XXV.E. Fixed Assets Disposal
XXV.F. Introduction of Policies for Review with No Change Recommended:  GCDC, GDI, GDIA, GDIB, GDIC, IB
XXV.G. Special Requests
XXV.G.1. Approval to Accept Proposal from Kids First Education LLC for Math Professional Development and Consulting Services.
XXV.G.2. Technology requests permission to apply for a $25,000 grant from Mississippi Office of Homeland Security for improvement of Cybersecurity within the district.
XXV.G.3. OAE requests permission to apply for MDE ESSER Pre-K Grant II and ARP/ESSER III High-Quality Instruction Materials Grant.
XXV.H. Bus Turnarounds
XXV.I. Monthly ATSI Reports
XXV.J. Approval of 2021-2022 Test Security Plan
XXVI. Other
XXVII. Consider Executive Session
XXVII.A. Personnel Matters
XXVII.A.1. Resign - Victoria Percy as Teacher at LES effective October 15, 2021.
XXVII.A.2. Resign - Shaquinta Barlow as Teacher at PMS effective October 18, 2021.
XXVII.A.3. Resign - Blair Magee as Teacher at PUE effective October 29, 2021.
XXVII.B. Board Attorney Matters
XXVII.B.1. Litigation Update
XXVII.B.1.a. K.J. vs LCSD
XXVII.B.1.b. B.K.J. vs LCSD
XXVIII. Enter Executive Session
XXIX. Exit Executive Session
XXX. Recess

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