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February 25, 2021 at 10:00 AM - Full Board Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call and Determination of a Quorum
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
5.1 January 12, 2021 Full Board Meeting Minutes
6. Action Items
6.1 Removal of board member
6.2 Election of Officer
6.3 Oath of Office - New Board Members
6.4 Supportive Services, Rev 2 Policy Approval
6.5 Residency Policy
6.6 American Job Partners MOU's Approval 
6.7 Marquez Plaza Door Access/Modular Panels approval
6.8 ETPL - Approval of UNM Taos/Santa Fe Community College Massage Therapy program
7. New Business
7.1 CEO Engagement Strategy
7.2 Local Area Designation Scenarios 
7.3 New Board Member Orientation
7.4 Board Training in April/May
8. Old Business
9. Informational Reports
9.1 Finance Report
9.2 HELP NM Report
9.3 One-Stop Operator Report
9.4 State Update
10. Public Comments
11. Next Meeting Date _____
12. Adjournment - An Executive Session may be called at any time during the meeting. Pursuant to New Mexico Open Meetings Act Section 10-15-1 (H) Subsections; (1) Meetings pertaining g to issuance, suspension, renewal or revocation of a license, except that a hearing at which evidence is offered or rebutted shall be open. All final actions on the issuance, suspension, renewal or revocation of a license shall be taken at an open meeting; (2) Limited personnel matters; provided that for purposes of the Open Meetings Act, "limited personnel matters" means the discussion of hiring, promotion , demotion, dismissal, assignment or resignation of or the investigation or consideration of complaints or charges against any individual public employee; provided further that this paragraph is not to be construed as to exempt final actions on personnel from being taken at open public meetings, nor does it preclude an aggrieved public employee from demanding a public hearing. Judicial candidates interviewed by any commission shall have the right to demand an open interview; (3) Deliberations by a public body in connection with an administrative adjudicatory proceedings For purposes of this paragraph, "administrative adjudicatory proceeding" means a proceeding brought by or against a person before a public body in which individual legal rights, duties or privileges are required by law to be determined by the public body after an opportunity for a trial-type hearing. Except as otherwise provided in this section, the actual administrative adjudicatory proceeding at which evidence is offered or rebutted and any final action taken as a result of the proceeding shall occur in an open meeting; (4) The discussion of personally identifiable information about any individual student, unless the student or the student's parent or guardian requests otherwise; (5) Meetings for the discussion of bargaining strategy preliminary to collective bargaining negotiations between the policymaking body and a bargaining unit representing the employees of that policymaking body and collective bargaining sessions at which the policymaking body and the representatives of the collective bargaining unit are present; (6) that portion of meetings at which a decision concerning purchases in an amount exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) that can be made only from one source is discussed and that portion of meetings at which the contents of competitive sealed proposals solicited pursuant to the Procurement Code are discussed during the contract negotiation process. (7) Meetings subject to the attorney-client privilege pertaining to threatened or pending litigation in which the public body is or may become participant; (8) Meetings for the discussion of the purchase, acquisition or disposal of real property or water rights by the public body.

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