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August 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Special School Board Meeting

1. Agenda
1.A. Call to Order
1.B. Prayer
1.C. Public Comment
2. Action Items
2.A. Discuss and take possible action to amend the contract with Architect Dale Rabe to complete additional measurements as required by FEMA
3. Closed Meeting Texas Government Code Sections: 551.072, 551.074, 551.082, 551.081
3.A. Discuss matters related to personnel in accordance with Government Code 551. 074. 
3.A.1. Consider and discuss the superintendent's resignation agreement.
3.A.2. Consider and discuss appointment of interim superintendent
3.B. Discuss matters related to security in accordance with Government Codes 551.076 and 551.089
3.C. Discuss matters related to students in accordance with Government Code 551.0821
4. Reconvene from closed session
5. Discuss and take possible action to accept the superintendent resignation agreement and delegate authority to the board president to execute the same
6. Discuss take possible action for the appointment of an interim superintendent.
7. Adjorn 

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