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June 11, 2012 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  President Kaminski
Description:  Waller ISD Board of Trustees: President - David Kaminski, Vice Pres.- Louis Tucker, Secretary - Kim Parmer, Trustee - Joe Landin, Trustee - Bryan Lowe, Trustee - Michael W. Prince, and Trustee - Shaun Nelson
2. Meeting recessed to closed session in accordance with Sections 551.071-551.087 inclusive, Texas Government Code, Texas Open Meetings Law. BEC (LEGAL) 
Presenter:  President Kaminski
2.A. Discuss resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
2.B. 551.071 of the Texas Government Code:  Consultation with Board Attorney regarding all matters as authorized by law
3. Open Meeting Reconvened
Presenter:  President Kaminski
3.A. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the US & Texas Flag
Description:  Prayer: Trustee Prince
Pledges: Trustee Landin
Alternate: Trustee Lowe
4. Board Recognitions
Presenter:  President Kaminski
4.A. Recognition of Waller ISD Retirees
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
4.B. Waller ISD - Elementary UIL Meet
Presenter:  Elementary Principals
4.C. Waller High School Junior Connor Cheney UIL State 4A Champion In Feature Writing
Presenter:  Dr Merrell & Amy Frey
4.D. Waller High School Softball 17 -4A District Honors
Presenter:  Dr. Merrell & Coach Taylor
4.E. Waller High School Baseball 17 -4A District Honors
Presenter:  Dr. Merrell & Coach Rodriguez
4.F. Waller ISD Nominates Local Media For TASB 2012 Media Honor Roll
Presenter:  Marianne Kosik
4.G. Region IV Principal Recognition:  Honors Bennie Mayes and Carol Bates
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
5. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
5.A. Resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
5.B. Board Meeting Minutes: May 12, 14, & 23
5.C. Disbursements
5.D. Budget Change Request(s)
5.E. Tax Refund(s) & Reports(s)
5.F. Staffing Request(s)
5.G. Instructional Supplies and Equipment (Catalog Proposal), Library Supplies and Equipment (Catalog Proposal), Maintenance Supplies and Equipment (Catalog Proposal), and Student Insurance (Renewal) 
5.H. AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for district technology use
6. Regular Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.A. Consider Board Reorganization
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.B. Consider Setting Board Team Building Date
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.C. Consider Student Handbook Revisions
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
7. Information Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.A. 2012-2013 Budget Update
Presenter:  Mike Marcus
7.B. School Breakfast and Lunch Pricing Increase
Presenter:  Mike Marcus & April Pinkham
7.C. STAAR Test - EOC Test Update
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
7.D. Proposed Update to DEC (Local) Policy
Presenter:  Mike Brooks
7.E. Janitorial Supplies & Equipment and School Bus & Automotive Parts
Presenter:  Mike Marcus
8. Patron Presentations (3 minute limit/patron)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
9. Future Board Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
9.A. 2011-2012 Budget Update
9.B. 2012-2013 Budget Update
9.C. Adopt the 2012-2013 Budget - August 27, 2012
9.D. Out of District Transfers - August
9.E. Waller ISD PDAS Appraisal Calendar  and Appraisers - August
9.F. TASB Official Delegate Designation and Alternate - August
9.G. Adopt the 2012-2013 Tax Rate
9.H. Consider and appoint Mike Marcus, Tax Assessor/Collector for the Waller Independent School District, Certification of 100% total Collection rate for the 2012 year
9.I. Consider Mike Marcus, Tax Assessor/Collector for the Waller Independent School District, to calculate and publish the school district's tax rate for the 2012 tax year
9.J. The Harris County JJAEP Mou (Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program Memorandum of Understanding) 2012-2012
9.K. Campus Improvements Plans - October
9.L. Board Operating Procedure Manual Update
10. Important Dates
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
10.A. June 4 thru August 10:  Summer Business Hours - M-W: 7:00AM-5:00PM, Thurs: 7:00AM-4:30PM
10.B. June 4-29 - Waller ISD Summer School
10.C. July 2-6 - Waller ISD Closed
10.D. July 16, 2012 - Regular Called Board Meeting
10.E. July 25 - Administrative Workshop
10.F. August 14 - Freshman  Bulldog Camp at WHS
10.G. August 17 - Convocation
10.H. August 17-24 Staff Development
10.I. August 27 - First Day of School
11. Adjourn
Presenter:  President Kaminski
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