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November 14, 2011 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  President Kaminski
Description:  Waller ISD Board of Trustees: President - David Kaminski, Vice Pres.- Louis Tucker, Secretary - Kim Parmer, Trustee - Joe Landin, Trustee - Bryan Lowe, Trustee - Michael W. Prince, and Trustee - Shaun Nelson
2. Meeting recessed to closed session in accordance with Sections 551.071-551.087 inclusive, Texas Government Code, Texas Open Meetings Law. BEC (LEGAL) 
Presenter:  President Kaminski
2.A. Discuss resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
2.B. 551.071 of the Texas Government Code:  Consultation with Board Attorney regarding all matters as authorized by law
3. Open Meeting Reconvened
Presenter:  President Kaminski
3.A. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
Description:  Prayer: Trustee Lowe
Pledge: Trustee Prince
Alternate: Trustee Landin
4. Waller ISD HQ Compliance Public Meeting
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
5. Recognitions
Presenter:  President Kaminski
5.A. Nike Helps Waller ISD Families Affected by the September Wildfires
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
5.B. Waller ISD TAKS Appreciation Meal  -  Robert Carvell and The Halliburton Cook Team
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
5.C. Waller High School Band Competes at UIL State Marching Contest
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell
5.D. Waller ISD 2011 TEA Gold Performance Acknowledgement Awards
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
6. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.A. Resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
6.B. Minutes: September & October
6.C. Disbursements
6.D. Budget Change Request(s)
6.E. Tax Refund(s) & Report(s)
6.F. Consider Staffing Requests
6.G. Policy DBAA Local
Presenter:  Mike Brooks
6.H. Approve Out of District Transfer Request
6.I. Gift to District
6.J. Approve Contract with Harris County Sheriff's Office Mou, SRO Contract
6.K. PDAS Appraisers
7. Regular Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.A. Consider nominating and approving the H-GAC Delegates for 2012  General Assembly
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.B. Consider Election of the Board of Directors of the Waller County Appraisal District
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.C. Consider Election of Board of Directors of the Harris County Appraisal District
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.D. Consider Waller ISD Continuing to Reserve the Power of Imminent Domain
Presenter:  Mike Marcus
7.E. Consider 2010-2011 Financial Audit Report
Presenter:  Mike Marcus
7.F. Consider TASB Update to STAAR Talking Points - EIA Local
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
8. Information Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8.A. Waller ISD Campus Improvements Plans - Schultz Junior High, Waller Junior High, Waller High School and District
Presenter:  Junior High & High School Principals and Kelly Baehren
8.B. LEA Public Reporting of Progress in Meeting Highly Qualified Staff Requirements (2011-2012 Highly Qualified Staff Data)
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
8.C. TASB Policy Update 91
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
8.D. Waller ISD Proposed New Courses for 2012-2013
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell
8.E. School Board Election Update from The Waller County Election Office
Presenter:  Waller County Election Office - Robyn German and Debbie Hollan
9. Patron Presentations (3 minute limit/patron)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
10. Future Board Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
10.A. School Board Elections Update & Contract with Waller County Election Office
10.B. Waller ISD Board Member Continuing Education Report - December
10.C. Set Special Called Board Meeting Date for Superintendent Evaluation - December
10.D. Superintendents Evaluation - January
10.E. Waller Bulldog Sports Website Recognition - January
10.F. School Board Appreciation Month - January
10.G. Call the Trustee Election - February
10.H. Administrators Contracts - February
10.I. Teacher Contracts - March
10.J. Summer School Plan
10.K. WISD Local EIE Policy
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
11. Important Dates
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
11.A. November 21-25 - Student Staff Holiday
11.B. November 28 - Waller County Superintendent Collaborative Meeting at Hempstead
11.C. December 12 - Regular Called Board Meeting
11.D. December 20 - Student Early Release
11.E. December 21- January 2 - Winter Break
11.F. January 16 - Student/Staff Holiday
11.G. January 23rd -  Superintendent Collaborative Meeting and Dinner hosted by Waller ISD
12. Adjourn
Presenter:  President Kaminski
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