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July 18, 2011 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  President Kaminski
Description:  Waller ISD Board of Trustees: President - David Kaminski, Vice Pres.- Louis Tucker, Secretary - Kim Parmer, Trustee - Joe Landin, Trustee Bryan Lowe, Trustee - Michael W. Prince, and Trustee - Shaun Nelson
2. Meeting recessed to closed session in accordance with Sections 551.071-551.087 inclusive, Texas Government Code, Texas Open Meetings Law. BEC (LEGAL)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
2.A. Discuss resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
2.B. Discuss Pending Legal Action
2.C. District Safety Audit Presentation
3. Open Meeting Reconvened
Presenter:  President Kaminski
3.A. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
Description:  Prayer: Trustee Nelson
Pledge: Trustee Parmer
Alternate: Trustee Lowe
4. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
4.A. Resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
4.B. Board Meeting Minutes:  May and June
4.C. Disbursements
4.D. Budget Change Request(s)
4.E. Tax Refund(s) & Report(s)
4.F. Consider Staffing Requests
4.G. Waller County requests adjunct staff member status for the Extension agents in Waller County for the school year 2011-2012
4.H. TASB Board Policy -  Update 90 affecting local policies (see attached list)
4.I. Teacher Pay Scale
4.J. UIL Honors Course Exemption
4.K. Waller High School Proposed New Course for 2011-2012  - Pathophysiology
4.L. Janitorial Supplies & Equipment (Line Item Bid) -  July Board
4.M. School Bus & Automotive Parts (Line Item & Catalog Proposal)  - July Board Meeting
4.N. Revision to Catalog Proposals for Maintenance - HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Supplies & Equipment Proposal
4.O. Waller ISD Investment Policy
5. Regular Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
5.A. Consider and Approve TASB Board Policy FNCE (Local)
Presenter:  Troy Mooney
5.B. Consider and Endorse a Nominated Individual From a Board Within Your TASB Region
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6. Information Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.A.  2011-2012 Budget Update
Presenter:  Mike Marcus & Danny Twardowski
6.B. STARR Starting Points
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren & Troy Mooney
7. Patron Presentations (3 minute limit/patron)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8. Future Board Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8.A. Waller ISD Construction Report
Presenter:  Ray Stelter
8.B. Leadership TASB Report:  Trustee Parmer
8.C. Out of District Transfer - August
8.D. Presentation and Approval of Board Resolution and Policy on GASB 54
8.E. Presentation and Approval of an Extension to the Existing Depository Contract with Prosperity Bank and Waller ISD
8.F. Presentation and Public Hearing on Waller ISD's FIRST Rating
8.G. Waller ISD PDAS Appraisal Calendar -  August
8.H. 2011-2012 Budget
8.I. Consider and appoint Mike Marcus, Tax Assessor/Collector for the Waller Independent School District, to calculate and publish the school district's tax rate for the 2011 tax year.
8.J. Consider Mike Marcus, Tax Assessor/Collector for the Waller Independent School District, certification of 100% total collection rate for the 2011 year.
8.K. TASB Official Delegate Designation and Alternate - August
8.L. Deliberation Regarding Real Property - 551.072
8.M. Discuss Adjustments to Real Property
8.N. Consider Emergency Interconnect Agreement With Houston Oaks/Terra Verde
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
9. Important Dates
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
9.A. Administrative Workshop - July 26
9.B. District-wide Registration: August 3  - from 7:00AM-4:00PM and August 4  - 12:00PM-8:00PM
9.C. August 8 - Regular Called Board Meeting
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
9.D. WISD Staff Development - August 15-19
9.E. Convocation:  August 15 at 1:30PM at Waller High School Auditorium
9.F. First Day of School - August 22
9.G. August 26 - Fallen Hero Memorial Ceremony for Nathan Nylander, 7:00PM at Waller ISD Stadium
10. Adjourn
Presenter:  President Kaminski
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