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May 9, 2011 at 6:00 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  President Kaminski
Description:  Waller ISD Board of Trustees: President - David Kaminski, Vice Pres.- Louis Tucker, Secretary - Shaun Nelson, Trustee - Dr. David Kirkpatrick, Trustee - Michael W. Prince, Trustee - Bryan Lowe, and Trustee - Kim Parmer
2. Meeting recessed to closed session in accordance with Sections 551.071-551.087 inclusive, Texas Government Code, Texas Open Meetings Law. BEC (LEGAL)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
2.A. Discuss resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
2.B. Discuss Pending Legal Action
3. Open Meeting Reconvened
Presenter:  President Kaminski
3.A. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
Description:  Prayer: Trustee Prince  
Pledge: Trustee Lowe
Alternate: Trustee Kirkpatrick
3.B. Recognitions
Presenter:  President David Kaminski
3.B.1. Waller ISD Campus and District Teachers of the Year and Rookies of the Year
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
3.B.2. Field Store Elementary National Honor Student Council
Presenter:  Claudia Mordecai, Todd Nesloney & Leisha Alexander
3.B.3. Jones Elementary, Field Store Elementary and Turlington Elementary Partner with Houston Food Bank
Presenter:  Mindy Peper, Karen Reid, Christina Foelkers & WARM Representative
3.B.4. Special Olympics
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Amanda Sandlin
3.B.5. Waller High School UIL Academic Sweepstakes Winner
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell, Scotty Johnson & Amy Frey
3.B.6. Waller High School UIL One Act Play
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell, Carrie Wood, Amy Wernig & Lea Kohn
3.B.7. Waller High School Choir Region 27 UIL Concert & Sight -reading Sweepstakes Winner
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Cherith Wells
3.B.8. Waller High School Band UIL Concert & Sight-reading Sweepstakes Winner
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Shane Macklin
3.B.9. Waller High School Boys Track & District Honors
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Jason Morley
3.B.10. Waller High School Girls Track:   District Champions & District Honors
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Jason Morley
3.B.11. Waller High School Boys Soccer Playoffs & District Honors
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Jason Morley
3.B.12. Waller High School Girls Soccer Playoffs & District Honors
Presenter:  Dr. Brian Merrell and Jason Morley
4. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
4.A. Resignations, employment, leaves of absence, and staff transfers
4.B. Disbursements
4.C. Budget Change Request(s)
4.D. Tax Refund(s) & Report(s)
4.E. Consider Staffing Requests
4.F. Board Meeting Minutes:  March and April
4.G. Calculator Purchase from Reallocated Title Funds
4.H. Awards and Commemorative Product (Catalog Proposal)
4.I. Special Education Supplies and Equipment (Catalog Proposal)
4.J. Athletic Supplies and Equipment (Catalog Proposal)
4.K. First Aid/Medical Supplies and Equipment (Catalog Proposal)
4.L. Cosmetology Supplies & Equipment (Catalog Proposal)
5. Regular Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
5.A. Consider Changes to 2011-2012 Student/Staff Handbook
Presenter:  Troy Mooney
6. Information Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.A.  2011-2012 Budget Update
Presenter:  Mike Marcus & Danny Twardowski
6.B. Student Accident Insurance
7. Patron Presentations (3 minute limit/patron)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8. Future Board Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8.A. 2011-2012 Budget Update
8.B. June Board Meeting - Board of Trustee Re-Organization
8.C. June Board Meeting - Retirement Recognition
8.D. TASB Board Policy - FNCE (Local) & Update 90
8.E. July Board Meeting - Safety Audit
8.F. Leadership TASB Report:  Trustee Parmer
9. Important Dates
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski
9.A. May 14, 2011 7:30pm Special Called Board Meeting- Unofficial Election Results
9.B. May & June TAKS Dates:   (Exit retakes & SSI (5th & 8th grade) Retakes
May 17 & 18,  June 28 & 29
9.C. May 19 - Senior Awards Night and Scholarship Night
9.D. May 23 - 6:00PM Special Called Board Meeting - Canvass the May 14, 2011 Election (Certificate of Election & Oath of Office)
Presenter:  Danny Twardowski & President Kaminski
9.E. May 30 - Memorial Day Holiday
9.F. June 1 - Last Day of School/Early Release
9.G. June 1 - End of the Year Waller ISD Service Awards (1:45PM WHS Auditorium)
9.H. June 4 - WHS Graduation 2:00pm - William Nicks Building ("Baby Dome")
9.I. June 13 - Regular Called Board Meeting - Retiree Recognition
10. Adjourn
Presenter:  President Kaminski
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