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January 11, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order: Waller ISD Board of Trustees:
President-David Kaminski, Vice President-Michael W. Prince, Secretary-Maria Herrera, Trustee-Bryan Lowe, Trustee-Gary Buchanan, Trustee-Ronald Campbell, Trustee-William Warren
Presenter:  President Kaminski
2. Meeting recessed to closed session in accordance with Sections 551.071-551.087 inclusive, Texas Government Code, Texas Open Meetings Law. BEC (LEGAL) Presenter: President Kaminski
2.A. Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.074: Discuss Resignations, Employment, Leaves of Absence, and Staff Transfers
2.B. Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.074: Deliberation Regarding Appointment, Employment, Evaluation, Reassignment, Duties, Discipline, or Dismissal of Employee(s), Superintendent Duties Including Board Governance
2.C. Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.072: Discuss Future Possible Real Estate Transaction and Consultation Responsibilities; Deliberation Regarding Purchase, Exchange or Value of Real Property
2.D. Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.071, 551.072: Consultation with Counsel Regarding Pending or Threatened Litigation
2.E.  Tex. Gov't Code 551.076-089: School Safety & Security
3. Open Meeting Reconvened
Presenter:  President Kaminski
3.A. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. & Texas Flag
Prayer: Trustee Herrera
Pledges: Trustee Warren
Alternate: Trustee Campbell
Presenter:  President Kaminski
4. Recognitions
Presenter:  Kevin Moran
4.A. Waller ISD School Board Appreciation
Presenter:  Bennie Mayes & Angie Davis
5. Public Comments on Agenda Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
6.A. Resignations, Employment, Leaves of Absence, and Staff Transfers
6.B. Tax Refunds
6.C. Disbursements
6.D. Budget Change Request(s)
7. Regular Agenda
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.A. HB 3 School Board Goals and Plans:  Early Childhood & CCMR
Presenter:  Toni Misak & Shelly Elizalde
7.B. 2020-2021 Application for Other Waiver:  WJH Online Only Learning - Water/Sewer Issue
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
7.C. Superintendent's Evaluation and Contract
Presenter:  President Kaminski
7.D. Consider Board Resolution-Extension of Time to Use Sick Leave in Accordance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Presenter:  Kevin Moran
7.E. Consider the 2019-2020 Financial Audit Report
Presenter:  Audrey Ambridge
7.F. School Board Reorganization
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8. Information Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
8.A. Calendar Process for 2021-2022
Presenter:  Kelly Baehren
8.B. Covid-19 Update
Presenter:  Kevin Moran
8.C. 2019 Bond Update
Presenter:  Scott Walker
9. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute limit/patron)
Presenter:  President Kaminski
10. Future Board Items
Presenter:  President Kaminski
10.A. Calendar 2021-2022:  February
Annual Report for Waller ISD:  February
Class Size Exception Waivers:  February
11. Important Dates
Presenter:  Kevin Moran
11.A. Waller FFA Project Show:  January 14-16, 2021
Student/Staff Holiday:  January 18, 2021
Waller HS Winter Graduation:  January 21, 2021
Online Only Learning Day/Teacher Prep Day: January 25, 2021
Board Workshop: January 30, 2021, 9:00 AM Jones Elem. LGI Room
District Site-Based Decision Making Committee Mtg:  February 3, 2021
12. Adjourn
Presenter:  President Kaminski
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