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December 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
I.A. Establish Quorum
I.B. Invocation
I.C. Pledge
I.D. Recognition
I.D.I. Student and Employee of the Month sponsored by Slaton Bakery
I.E. Public Comment
II. First Order of Business
II.A. Consent Agenda
II.A.I. Approval of Minutes
II.A.I.a. Minutes of the Regular Meeting Held on September 14, 2021
II.A.I.b. Minutes of Called Meeting Held on November 11, 2021
II.A.II. Financial Reports
II.A.II.a. Budget Summary
II.A.II.b. Expenditures Report
II.B. Conduct a Public Hearing regarding redistricting of the District’s single-member precincts after the 2020 Federal Census.  (Llevar a cabo una audiencia pública en relación a la redistribución de distritos de un solo miembro del distrito escolar después del censo federal del 2020.)
II.C. Discussion of Redistricting Plan Options for Board of Trustees. (Discusión de las opciones del plan de redistribución de distritos para la Junta de Fideicomisarios.)
II.C.I. Presentation to Board by representative of the Redistricting Advisory Committee regarding recommended Plan.  (Presentación al Consejo de administración por parte de un representante del Comité Asesor para la Redistribución de Distritos en relación al plan recomendado.)
II.C.II. Discussion regarding Redistricting Advisory Committee Recommendations on Redistricting Plan.  (Debate sobre las recomendaciones del plan de redistribución del Comité Asesor para la Redistribución de Distritos.)
II.D. Presentation of Annual Financial Report 2020-2021
III. Information Items
III.A. Superintendent Report
III.A.I. Campus Highlight - Stephen F Austin Primary
III.A.II. Student Activities Update
III.A.II.a. Ag - Rachel Kitten
III.A.II.b. Athletics
III.A.III. Enrollment Report
III.A.IV. Community
III.A.V. Facilities
IV. Closed Session
IV.A. Pursuant to Tex. Govt. Code 551.074, deliberation regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of District employees.
IV.A.I. Review Resignations
IV.A.II. Review Contracts
IV.A.III. Superintendent Evaluation and Contract
IV.B. Pursuant to Tex. Govt. Code 551.072, Deliberation Regarding Real Property
V. Action Items
V.A. Approval of Items Eligible for Closed Session
V.A.I. Consider Superintendent Contract
V.B. Consideration and possible action of adoption and approval of a Resolution regarding the adoption of the Redistricting Plan for single-member precincts following the 2020 Census.  (Considerar y tomar posibles medidas para adoptar y aprobar una Resolución sobre la adopción del plan de redistribución de distritos para distritos escolares de un solo miembro después del censo del 2020.)
V.C. Consider Annual Financial Report 2020-2021
V.D. Deliberation of Grievance regarding a Teacher
VI. Closing Comments
VII. Adjournment

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