March 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
I.A. Establish Quorum
I.B. Invocation
I.C. Pledge
I.D. Recognition
I.D.I. Mrs. Baird’s January 2020 Teacher on the Rise, Bruce Finch, CTE
I.D.II. Employee of the Month sponsored by Slaton Bakery
I.E. Open Forum
II. First Order of Business
II.A. Consent Agenda
II.A.I. Minutes of the Regular Meeting Held on 2-13-20
II.A.II. Financial Reports
II.A.II.a. Budget Summary
II.A.II.b. Expenditures Report
III. Information Items
III.A. Superintendent Report
III.A.I. Principal's Report
III.A.II. Bond Oversight Committee Report
III.A.III. Teacher Incentive Allotment 
III.A.IV. Enrollment / ADA / WADA Report
III.A.V. Cafeteria Report
III.A.VI. Academics
III.A.VII. Community
III.A.VIII. Extracurricular
III.A.IX. Facilities
III.A.IX.a. New 3-Year Lease on Copiers
III.A.X. Policies
III.A.XI. Election of ESC 17 Board of Directors
IV. Closed Session
IV.A. Pursuant to Tex. Govt. Code 551.074, deliberation regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of District employees.
IV.B. Consider Contracts for Administrators
IV.C. Pursuant to Tex. Govt. Code 551.072, Deliberation Regarding Real Property - Sale of Property at 320 W. Garza Street
V. Action Items
V.A. Approval of Items Eligible for Closed Session
V.A.I. Consider Resignations
V.A.II. Consider Contracts for Administrators
V.A.III. Consider Contracts
V.B. Consider Certifying the Unopposed Candidates Place 4
V.C. Consider School Calendar 2020-2021
V.D. Consider District Improvement Plans
V.E. Consider Campus Improvement Plans
V.F. Consider Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification for 2020-2021
VI. Discussion Items
VI.A. Construction Issues
VI.A.I. Career Center
VI.A.I.a. Electrical line under new parking to dome
VI.A.II. Baseball Field Light Poles
VI.A.III. Sprinkler Systems at CTE and Junior High
VI.A.IV. Additional Band Numbers and Instrument Needs for Next Year
VI.B. Start Times for April Board Meetings
VI.B.I. April 9th
VI.B.II. April 14th & 15th (1st interviews)
VI.B.III. April 16th - Regular Board Meeting
VI.B.IV. Week of April 27th - (2nd interviews)
VI.B.V. April 29th - Meeting to name Lone Finalist
VII. Adjournment
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