May 17, 2021 at 5:45 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order and Establish a Quorum
2. Reorganize Board Officers
3. Closed Meeting (Personnel - Section 2[g] of Article 1261-17)
3.A. Personnel and Staffing (Gov't Code § 551.074)
3.A.1. Accept Resignations
3.A.2. Employ Personnel
3.A.3. Update to the List of Substitutes
3.A.4. Review Evaluation Instrument and Consider Re-Employment of Auxiliary Staff (Gov't Code ยง 551.074)
3.A.4.a. Food Service
3.A.4.b. Maintenance
3.A.4.c. Transportation
3.B. Public School Student (Gov't Code § 551.0821)
3.C. Consider Student Transfers
4. Consider Action on Closed Session Items
5. Open Forum for Comments from the Public:  All persons who address the Board at this time must complete a registration form before the meeting begins.  Limited to 5 minutes each.
6. Consent Agenda
6.A. Receive and Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
6.B. Superintendent's Report
6.B.1. Financial Reports
6.B.1.a. Spread Sheets
6.B.1.a.1. Bond Indebtedness
6.B.1.a.2. Monthly Investment Report
6.B.1.a.3. Interest Earned
6.B.1.b. Board Report
6.B.1.b.1. Monthly Revenue
6.B.1.b.2. Monthly Board Report
6.B.1.b.3. Expenditures
6.B.1.b.4. Payroll
6.B.1.c. Check Register
6.B.1.d. Tax Collections
6.B.1.e. Amendments
6.B.1.e.1. Postage
6.B.1.e.2. Reclassified Transportation
6.B.1.e.3. Board Amendments
6.C. Update on Enrollment
6.D. Thank You Card/s
7. Superintendent's Reports
7.A. General Reports
7.A.1. VZCAD Preliminary Estimated Values
7.A.2. Henderson County Appraisal District Preliminary Appraisal Values
7.A.3. Preliminary Taxable Values Comparison
7.A.4. ESSA LEA MOE Report
7.A.5. PRELIMINARY IDEA-B LEA MOE Compliance Review
7.A.6. Texas Municipal Report
7.A.7. Title 1, Part A Comparability of Services 
8. Consider Additional Summer Help
9. Consider ESC 7 Costs for 2021-2022
10. Consider Purchasing Cooperative Resolution
11. Discuss and Consider Renovation Needs for New Middle School
12. Discuss and Consider New Resolutions to be Included in the 2020-22 TASB Advocacy Agenda
13. Consider Change Request Regarding Science Labs and Floral Design Room
14. Report on ESSER III Uses of Funds
15. Consider Resolution Regard ESSER III and Policy CB(LOCAL)
16. Consider Following Uses of ESSER III Funds
16.A. Class Size Reduction
16.B. Summer School
16.C. HVAC - Additional HVAC in Non HVAC Areas
16.D. Automatic Water Bottle Filling Stations
17. Discuss and Consider Speakers at Bulldog Stadium
18. Consider ERate Proposals
19. Adjourn
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