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November 2, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Attachments: (1)
I.A. Pledge of Allegiance / Moment of Silence
Attachments: (1)
I.B. Reading of Board Goals
Attachments: (1)
I.C. Announcements / Communications
Description:  Recognition of Schools, Students and Staff
II.A. Agenda Related Topic
II.B. Non-Agenda Related Topic
Description:  Submitted for Action and/or Information
III.A. Minutes of October 5, October 15, and October 19, 2020 Meetings
Description:  Action Item
III.B. Human Resources Report
Description:  Action / Info Item - Consider appointment of professional contract personnel; receive information on employee separation and appointment of non-contract personel.
III.C. Recommended Specified Best Value/Low Bids, Contracts and Cumulative Purchases
Description:  Action / Information Item
Part A: New Bids - For Approval
Miscellaneous Consultant Services
Print Shop Equipment and Supplies
Medical Supplies & Related Items
Part B: Bid Renewals - For Approval
Part C: Contract Information (Greater than $100,000) - For Approval
Part D: Interlocal Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, and Other - For Approval
Interlocal Agreements:
Multi-Regional Purchasing Cooperative - ESC Region 10
Master Interlocal Agreement Education Service Center - Region 10
Memorandums of Understanding:
Part E: Contracts, Contract Modifications & Change Orders: Less than $100,000 (Information Only)
Teach for America - Recruiting, selecting, training and providing professional development for RISD teachers
Catholic Charities Diocese of Fort Worth - Providing translation services for RISD SPED Department
Region 13 ESC - Title II Instructional Practices Package 2020-2021
Tina Koller - Contracted LSSP staffing consultant
Olivia Perez - Contracted LSSP staffing consultant
Region 10 ESC - Title I PNP Cooperative 2020-2021
Joshua Ellis - K-9/Narcotic Detection
Region 10 ESC - Professional development for district LEA's 2020-2021
Region 10 ESC - Title II PNP Cooperative 2020-2021
Part F: Cumulative Purchases - Information Only
Cumulative Purchases from Qualified Vendors:

Buy Board - Texas Association of School Boards
CCGPF - Collin County Governmental Purchasing Forum
CPGPC - Choice Partners
DIR - State of Texas Department of Information Resources
EPCNT - Education Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas
NCPA - National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance
SOURCEWELL - Sourcewell (previously NJPA)
OMNIA Partners - TCPN/IPA/US Communities
PACE - Purchasing Association of Cooperative Entities
PPPCP - Prospering Pals
TCCPP - Tarrant County Cooperative Purchasing Program
TIPS - The Interlocal Purchasing System
TEA Contract
III.D. Schedule of Upcoming Bids
Description:  Information Item
III.E. Bond Expenditure Report
Description:  Information Item
III.F. Budget Status Report
Description:  Action Item
III.G. Consider Use of Credit Card Rebates
Description:  Action Item
III.H. Consider New Appraisal Instruments - Speech Language Pathologists
Description:  Action Item
III.I. Consider Termination of Professional Contract of Employment - P. Nesslein
Description:  Action Item
IV.A. Superintendent Update
Description:  Information Item
IV.A.1. COVID-19 Response
IV.A.2. Bond Steering Committee
IV.A.3. Racial Equity Committee
IV.B. Consider Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Description:  Action Item
IV.C. Consider Gifts
Description:  Action Item
IV.D. Consider Request for Approval of LHHS Plat
Description:  Action Item
IV.E. Board Goals Update - Literacy in Action
Description:  Information Item
IV.F. Discussion of Legislative Issues
Description:  Information Item
IV.G. Discussion of Student / District Activities
Description:  Information Item
IV.H. Discussion of Upcoming Events
Description:  Information Item
IV.I. Discussion of Recently Attended or Upcoming Conferences and Meetings
Description:  Information Item
IV.J. Proposal of Future Agenda Items
Description:  Information Item

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