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November 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Call to Order
Pledge and Prayer
Public Input
Superintendent's Report (Information Only)
Recognize Students & Staff
COVID-19 Update
Enrollment Report
Finance Reports
Child Nutrition Report
Bond 2018 Report
New Business (Action Items)
Consider and Approve Contract with T.F. Harper and Associates for Construction of Tennis Courts and Concessions/Restroom Facilities
Consider and Accept 2021 Financial Audit
Consider and Accept District Improvement Plan
Consider and Accept Transportation Handbook
Consider and Approve Chromebook Purchase
Consider and Approve Local Policies Regarding Early Childhood and Dyslexia
  EHB(Local) - Curriculum Design Special Programs
  EHBAA(Local) - Special Education Identification, Evaluation, and Eligibility
Consider and Approve Update to Policy 118
  A (Legal) - Basic District Foundations
  AE(Legal) - Educational Philosophy
  AG(Legal) - Home-Rule Districts
  AIA(Legal) - Accountability: Accreditation and Performance
  AIB(Legal) - Accountability:  Performance Reporting
  AIC(Legal) - Accountability:  Interventions and Sanctions
  AIE(Legal) - Accountability:  Investigations
  BA(Legal) - Board Legal Status
  BAA(Legal) - Board Legal Status:  Powers and Duties
  BBA(Legal) - Board Members:  Eligibility/Qualifications
  BBBA(Legal) - Elections:  Conducting Elections
  BBBB(Legal) - Elections:  Post-Election Procedures
  BBBD(Legal) - Elections:  Campaign Ethics
  BBD(Legal) - Board Members: Training and Orientation
  BBFA(Legal) - Ethics:  Conflict of Interest Disclosures
  BDF(Legal) - Board Internal Organization:  Citizen Advisory Committees
  CBA(Legal) - State and Federal Revenue Sources: State
  CBB(Legal) - State and Federal Revenue Sources: Federal
  CCG(Legal) - Local Revenue Sources:  Ad Valorem Taxes
  CCGA(Legal) - Ad Valorem Taxes:  Exemptions and Payments
  CCH(Legal) - Local Revenue Sources:  Appraisal District
  CDC(Legal) - Other Revenues:  Gifts and Solicitations
  CE(Legal) - Annual Operating Budget
  CFA(Legal) - Accounting:  Financial Reports and Statements
  CFC(Legal) - Accounting:  Audits
  CFD(Local) - Accounting:  Activity Funds Management
  CH(Legal) - Purchasing and Acquisition
  CHE(Legal) - Purchasing and Acquisition:  Vendor Disclosures and Contracts
  CHF(Legal) - Purchasing and Acquisition:  Payment Procedures
  CHG(Legal) - Purchasing and Acquistion:  Real Property and Improvements
  CHH(Legal) - Purchasing and Acquisition:  Financing Personal Property Purchases
  CK(Legal) - Safety Program/Risk Management
  CKA(Legal) - Safety Program/Risk Management:  Inspections
  CKB(Legal) - Safety Program/Risk Management:  Accident Prevention and Reports
  CKC(Legal) - Safety Program/Risk Management:  Emergency Plans
  CKD(Legal) - Safety Program/Risk Management:  Emergency Medical Equipment and Procedures
  CKE(Legal) - Safety Program/Risk Management:  Security Personnel
  CKEA(Legal) - Security Personnel:  Commissioned Peace Officers
  CKEB(Legal) - Security Personnel:  School Marshals
  CKEC(Legal) - Security Personnel:  School Resource Officers
  CLA(Legal) - Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management:  Security
  CLE(Legal) - Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management:  Flag Displays
  CMD(Legal) - Equipment and Supplies Management:  Instructional Materials Care and Accounting
  CNA(Legal) - Transportation Management:  Student Transportation
  CNC(Legal) - Transportation Management: Transportation Safety
  CO(Legal) - Food and Nutrition Management
  CQ(Legal) - Technology Resources
  CQA(Legal) - Technology Resources:  District, Campus, and Classroom Websites
  CQB(Legal) - Technology Resources:  Cybersecurity
  CQB(Local) - Technology Resources:  Cybersecurity
  CRD(Legal) - Insurance and Annuities Management:  Health and Life Insurance
  CV(Legal) - Facilities Construction
  CVB(Legal) - Facilities Construction: Competitive Sealed Proposals
  DBA(Legal) - Employment Requirements and Restrictions:  Credentials and Records
  DC(Legal) - Employment Practices
  DEA(Legal) - Compensation and Benefits:  Compensation Plan
  DEAA(Legal) - Compensation Plan:  Incentives and Stipends
  DEC(Legal) - Compensation and Benefits:  Leaves and Absences
  DECB(Legal) - Leaves and Absences:  Military Leave
  DFE(Legal) - Termination of Employment:  Resignation
  DFE(Local) - Termination of Employment:  Resignation
  DG(Legal) - Employee Rights and Privileges
  DGC(Legal) - Employee Rights and Privileges:  Immunity
  DH(Legal) - Employee Standards of Conduct
  DIA(Legal) - Employee Welfare:  Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  DMA(Legal) - Professional Development:  Required Staff Development
  DP(Legal) - Personnel Positions
  DP(Local) - Personnel Positions
  E(Legal) - Instruction
  EB(Legal) - School Year
  EEB(Legal) - Instructional Arrangements:  Class Size
  EEL(Legal) - Instructional Arrangements:  Contracts with Outside Agencies
  EF(Legal) - Instructional Resources
  EHA(Legal) - Curriculum Design:  Basic Instructional Program
  EHAA(Legal) - Basic Instructional Program:  Required Instruction (All Levels)
  EHAA(Local) - Basic Instructional Program:  Required Instruction (All Levels)
  EHAD(Legal) - Basic Instructional Program:  Elective Instruction
  EHBAB(Legal) - Special Education:  ARD Committee and Indivizualized Education Program
  EHBB(Legal) - Special Programs:  Gifted and Talented Students
  EHBC(Legal) - Special Programs:  Compensatory/Accelerated Services
  EHBC(Local) - Special Programs:  Compensatory/Accelerated Services
  EHBE(Legal) - special Programs:  Bilingual Education/ESL
  EHBF(Legal) - Special Programs:  Career and Technical Education
  EHBG(Legal) - Special Programs:  Prekindergarten
  EHBK(Legal) - Special Programs: Other Instructional Initiatives
  EHDD(Legal) - Alternative Methods for Learning Credit:  College Course Work/Dual Credit
  EI(Legal) - Academic Achievement
  EIE(Legal) - Academic Achievement:  Retention and Promotion
  EIE(Local) - Academic Achievement: Retention and Promotion
  EIF(Legal) - Academic Achievement:  Graduation
  EK(Legal) - Testing Programs
  EKB(Legal) - Testing Programs:  State Assessment 
  EKBA(Legal) - State Assessment:  English Learners/Emergent Bilingual Students
  EL(Legal) - Campus or Program Charters
  EMB(Legal) - Miscellaneous Instructional Policies:  Teaching About controversial Issues
  EMI(Legal) - Miscellaneous Instructional Policies:  Study of Religion
  FD(Legal) - Admissions
  FDA(Legal) - Admissions:  Interdistrict Transfers
  FDAA(Legal) - Interdistrict Transfers:  Public Education Grants
  FDE(Legal) - Admissions:  School Safety Transfers
  FDE(Local) - Admissions:  School Safety Transfers
  FEA(Legal) - Attendance:  Compulsory Attendance
  FEA(Local) - Attendance:  Compulsory Attendance
  FEC(Legal) - Attendance:  Attendance for Credit
  FEC(Local) - Attendance:  Attendance for Credit
  FED(Legal) - Attendance:  Attendance Enforcement
  FFAC(Legal) - Wellness and Health Services: Medical Treatment
  FFB(Legal) - Student Welfare:  Crisis Intervention
  FFBA(Legal) - Crisis Intervention:  Trauma-Informed Care
  FFEB(Legal) - Counseling and Mental Health:  Mental Health
  FFG(Legal) - Student Welfare:  Child Abuse and Neglect
  FFG(Local) - Student Welfare:  Child Abuse and Neglect
  FFH(Legal) - Student Welfare:  Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  FFI(Legal) - Student Welfare:  Freedom from Bullying
  FL(Legal) - Student Records
  FL(Local) - Student Records
  FM(Legal) - Student Activities
  FNCD(Legal) - Student Conduct:  Tobacco Use and Possession
  FNCG(Legal) - Student Conduct:  Weapons
  FNG(Legal) - Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student and Parent Complaint/Grievances
  FOC(Legal) - Student Discipline:  Placement in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Setting
  FOD(Legal) - Student Discipline:  Expulsion
  FOF(Legal) - Student Discipline:  Students with Disabilities
  GBA(Legal) - Public Information Program:  Access to Public Information
  GBAA(Legal) - Information Access:  Requests for Information 
  GKA(Legal) - Community Relations:  Conduct on School Premises
  GKD(Legal) - Community Relations:  Nonschool use of School Facilities
  GKE(Legal) - Community Relations:  Business, Civic, and Youth Groups
  GNB(Legal) - Relations with Educational Entities:  Regional Education Service Centers
  GNC(Legal) - Relations with Educational Entities:  Colleges and Universities
  GRB(Legal) - Relations with Governmental Entities:  Interlocal Cooperation Contracts
Consent Agenda
Meeting Minutes
Budget Amendment
Executive Session (Closed)
The board may go into a closed session according to the guidelines found in Board Policy BEC Legal and Texas Education Code, Chapter 551.
Consultation with Attorney and Discussion Regarding Personnel Investigation Results
TGC 551.071 and 551.074
Action Items Resulting From Executive Session

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