January 25, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

CALL TO ORDER: Announcement by chairperson whether a quorum is present, and that a meeting has been duly called, and that notice of the meeting has been posted in the time and manner required by law.
PUBLIC COMMENT:According to Policy BED (Local) persons who desire to wish to participate in this portion of the meeting shall sign up with the presiding officer or designee before the meeting begins and shall indicate the topic about which they wish to speak.
No presentation shall exceed 3 minutes. 
Specific factual information or recitation of existing policy may be furnished in response to inquiries, but the Board shall not deliberate or decide regarding any subject that is not included on the agenda posted with the notice of the meeting.
The Board shall not tolerate disruption of the meeting by members of the audience.  Any oral remarks which attack the character of employees or board members are considered out-of-order.
CONSULTATION WITH ATTORNEY: Under Texas Government Code 551.071 regarding pending or contemplated litigation and/or to receive legal advice concerning student matters. (Closed Session)
HEAR LEVEL THREE COMPLAINT(S): Appeal filed by parent/guardians of student under Board Policy FNG (LOCAL) and administration rebuttal.  (Closed session, unless parent/guardian request that the matter be heard in Open session)
DELIBERATION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Level Three complaint appeal filed by parent of student under Board policy FNG(LOCAL).  (Deliberation may be held in closed session under 551.082 and /or 551.0821, unless parents/guardian request that deliberation occur in open session.  Board action on this agenda item will occur in open session.)
2019-2020 Financial Audit Report
Recognition- Student of the Month-Alex Gonzalez, BBAC Employee of the Month-Brytni Green, BBAC  Rebecca Smith, Oak Grove  Deanna Escobedo, Middle School  Sheri Chasteen, High School
Information items-BEC Graduation Thursday January 28th 6:00 p.m. MS Auditorium
Monthly Financials-
CONSENT AGENDA:Consent Agenda is presented to the Board and may be acted upon together. However, if any member of the Board wishes to act on an item individually, they may request to do so and it will be pulled out of the Consent Agenda in order to be considered on its own.
Approve Minutes from previous meetings
Consider 2019-2020 Financial Audit Report: Bolinger, Segars, Gilbert & Moss audited the financial statements and internal controls of Brownfield ISD. In their opinion, the financial statements prepared by management are fairly presented, in all material respects, in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.
Consider Interlocal Agreement for Joint Elections Administrator- This agreement is entered into by and between TERRY COUNTY, TEXAS, CITY OF BROWNFIELD, BROWNFIELD INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, TERRY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT D/B/A BROWNFIELD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, CITY OF MEADOW, MEADOW INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, CITY OF WELLMAN, WELLMAN-UNION INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, and SOUTH PLAINS UNDERGROUND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT acting by and through their governing bodies. The Joint Elections Administrator will function under the supervision of the "Commission" and the "County" will operate as the funding entity.
Consider Call for May 8, 2021 School Board Elections:
In accordance with Texas Education Code §11.059 and Board Policy BBB
(LOCAL), Trustees Elections of Trustees for three-year terms are held annually
in cycles keyed off the years as listed.
At Large Positions-Current terms expire 2021.  Ensuing elections shall take place in the years 2021, 2024, 2027 and so forth.
Positions 1, 2, and 3-Current terms expire in 2022. Ensuing elections shall take place in the years 2022, 2025, 2028 and so forth.
Positions 4, 5-Current terms expire in 2023. Ensuing elections shall take place in the years  2023, 2026, 2029 and so forth.
Consider approval of Election Judges for the May 8, 2021 Election:
According to Texas Election Code 32.008, the appointment of election judges
must be made by written order. The following judges have been recommended
for a one-time election to be held on May 8, 2021.               

Election Day Judge: Kathey Granger        
Election Day Alternate Judge: Cynthia Jacquez
Early Voting Ballot Board Judge: Valerie Castaneda   
Early Voting Ballot Board Alternate Judge: Doly Moya           
CONSIDER RESOLUTION BISD TERRY COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEMBER:  Chapter 6.031 of the Texas Property Tax Code allows the taxing units served by an appraisal district to implement staggered terms for the members of the appraisal district’s board of directors.
Pursuant to Chapter 6.034 of the Texas Property Tax Code, an official resolution was passed by the Board of Trustees of Brownfield ISD providing for staggered terms for the Terry County Appraisal District Board of Directors beginning January 1, 1997.
Consider Approval of the GMP for New High School Security including cameras and access control: BISD has been utilizing Guardian security to update and upgrade the security software, hardware, and infrastructure for the past 3 years. In order to maintain continuity and design alignment BISD is contracting with Guardian independently for the safety and security portion of the new Brownfield HS. Administration is recommending approval of an additional 10% over the quote to cover unforeseen expenses. ($128,099.50)
Consider Approval of Easement Agreement with City of Brownfield: Brownfield ISD and the City of Brownfield have been working collaboratively to make the construction of the new Brownfield High School an effective partnership. In order to start/complete the utilities for the school BISD needs to grant easement to the City on the strip of property across the street on BISD property.
Consider Approval of Board Resolution regarding surplus equipment, property, and technology: Deliberation and possible action to adopt a resolution finding a public purpose in making available to other Texas public schools at no cost Brownfield ISD personal property made obsolete by the purchase of new furnishings and equipment in accordance with the 2019 Bond Program and authorizing the BISD administration to convey such obsolete personal property to interested public schools.
CLOSED SESSION: Closed session to discuss personnel,  TX.GOVT. CODE SECTION 551.074; Discuss purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property, TX.GOVT. CODE SECTION 551.072
ADJOURNMENT: The Board may go into closed session to discuss any item that is listed in the Texas Government Code Section for the Texas Open Meetings Act and that appears on this agenda.
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