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January 24, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order and Establishment of a Quorum
2. Invocation
3. Audience Participation
4. Recognitions
4.a. Students and Employees of the Month
Presenter:  Campus Administrators
4.b. Board Recognition
Presenter:  Luke Allison
5. Reports
5.a. Demographic Study
Presenter:  Rocky Gardiner, Zonda Education
5.b. Construction
Presenter:  Ron Cardwell, Gallagher Construction
5.c. Superintendent
Presenter:  Luke Allison
5.c.i. Enrollment
5.c.ii. Facility Projects
5.c.iii. Future Dates
6. Public Hearing for Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)
Presenter:  Julie Wiebersch
7. Action Items
7.a. Discussion and possible action on an order to call the May 7, 2022 trustee election.
Presenter:  Luke Allison
7.b. Discussion and possible action on a joint election agreement with the City of Caddo Mills.
Presenter:  Luke Allison
7.c. Discussion and possible action on an election contract with the Hunt County Elections Administrator's Office.
Presenter:  Luke Allison
7.d. Discussion and possible action to approve security upgrades at Griffis Elementary, Middle School, Transportation, and Central Office.
Presenter:  Dustin Barton
7.e. Discussion and possible action to authorize the Superintendent to execute proposals for technology equipment not to exceed the allotted amount.
Presenter:  Pete Rowe
7.f. Discussion and possible action on the purchase of school buses.
Presenter:  Dustin Barton
8. Consent Items
8.a. Minutes for December 13, 2022
8.b. Financial Report
8.c. Tax Report
8.d. Investment Report
8.e. Pledge Report
8.f. Budget Amendment
9. Closed Session - Personnel, Government Code Section 551.074
9.a. Superintendent evaluation, contract, and compensation.
10. Open Session
10.a. Discussion and possible action on Superintendent's contract and compensation.
Presenter:  Rueben Terry
11. Adjourn

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