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May 17, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order and Establishment of a Quorum
2. Invocation
3. Audience Participation
4. Recognitions
4.a. Introduction of new board members.
Presenter: Luke Allison
4.b. Teachers and employees of the year.
Presenter: Luke Allison
4.c. Elementary Robotics Teams
Presenter: Ross VanHuss
4.d. Top ranked students.
Presenter: Robin Summers
4.e. Military students.
Presenter: Robin Summers
4.f. Seniors receiving full scholarships.
Presenter: Robin Summers
5. Reports
5.a. 8th Grade P-SAT 
Presenter: Robin Summers
5.b. Superintendent Report
Presenter: Luke Allison
6. Action Items
6.a. Discussion and possible action on reorganization of the Board.
Presenter: Rueben Terry
6.b. Discussion and possible action to adopt the PreK materials “On My Way”, Scholastics.
Presenter: Kendra Mosher
6.c. Discussion and possible action on revisions to policy DCB(LOCAL) regarding contracts.
Presenter: Keri Allen
6.d. Discussion and possible action to add OMNIA Partners as a purchasing cooperative.
Presenter: Dustin Barton
7. Consent Items
7.a. Minutes for April 19, 2021
7.b. Financial Reports
7.c. Tax Report
7.d. Investment Report
7.e. Pledge Report
8. Convene to Closed Session
8.a. Personnel - Government Code Section 551.074
9. Reconvene to Open Session
9.a. Possible action on items discussed in Closed Session.
Presenter: Luke Allison
10. Adjourn

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