March 8, 2021 at 12:00 PM - Workshop Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Consent Agenda
2.A. Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
2.A.1. Workshop Meeting 
2.A.2. TAPR Public Hearing 
2.A.3. Regular Meeting 
2.B. Personnel
2.C. Items Exceeding $25,000
2.C.1. 2021 EES Agreement (DIR-TSO-4092 - DIR Quote 20126232 - $92,111.04 - Budgeted Funds) 
2.C.2. COT Classroom Projectors Scheduled Replacement Cycle (NIPA ESCR4 Quote LXTV075- $192,900.00 - Budgeted Funds)
2.C.3. Network Cabling Upgrade (CCISD RFP #210013650 - $153,058.33 - Budgeted Funds)
2.C.4. Network Hardware Upgrade (CCISD RFP #210013650 - $67,902.50 - Budgeted Funds)
2.C.5. Consider and Discuss on the Approval of  Contractual Services with Texas Educational Consultative Services, Inc ( $54,473.00 - Budgeted Title Funds) 
3. Consider and Discuss a Resolution to Nominate Dr. Joseph Burns , CCISD Superintendent of Schools, for the Texas Association of School Boards Superintendent of the Year. 
4. Consider and Discuss a Wellness and Sexual Health Curriculum for Students in 6th - 10th Grade 
5. Consider and Discuss a Resolution of the Board Regarding Wage Payments During Emergency School Closings 
6. Consider and Discuss to Approve Amending the 2020-2021 School Calendar
7. Consider and Discuss to Approve an Exception to Education Code 44.031 which Allows the District to Procure Emergency Services in the Event of Major Operational or Structural Failure
8. Consider and Discuss on a Missed School Day Waiver due to Inclement Weather, “Complete Closure, No Instruction”
9. Consider and Discuss to Approve a Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP) as the Procurement Method that Provides the Best Value to the District for the Asbestos Abatement at Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy and Authorize the Superintendent to Negotiate the Contract
10. Consider and Discuss to Approve the Rankings of the Proposals for the HVAC Replacement at Copperas Cove High School, C.R. Clements Elementary School, Miss Jewell Elementary School, and Mae Stevens Early Academy and Authorize the Superintendent to Negotiate and Execute the Contract with the Highest Ranking Proposer, Provided There Are No Material Changes to the Contract Included with the Procurement Package. If a Contract is Unable to be Reached with the Highest Ranked Proposer, the Board of Trustees Authorizes the Superintendent to End Contract Negotiations Formally and in Writing and then Begin Negotiations with the Next Ranked Proposer Until a Satisfactory Contract is Reached 
11. Report Items
11.A. Resignations (Written Only)
11.C. District Enrollment Report (Written Only)
12. Information Items
12.A. Board of Trustees Calendar
13. Adjourn
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