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October 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Announcement of a Quorum
III. Pledges of Allegiance
IV. Recognition of Visitors/Public Comment: All persons who wish to address the Board at this time MUST complete a registration form before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting
V. Discussion:
V.A. First Reading of  Campus Improvement Plans
V.B. High School and Jr High Principal's Reports
V.C. Employee Health Insurance
V.D. Rockhill Building and Property - Deed First Reading
V.E. Local Board Policy EIC (L) - Academic Achievement Class Ranking
V.F. Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Update
VI. Reports
VI.A. Asst. Superintendent of Finance/CFO - Terry Phillips
VI.A.1. Current Month Cash Position
VI.A.2. Tax Collection Report
VI.A.3. Utilities Report
VI.A.4. Investment Report
VI.A.5. Combined Funds Board Report
VI.A.6. Cash Receipts Journal
VI.A.7. Check Payments for
VI.B. Superintendent Report:
VI.B.1. Enrollment Comparison
VI.B.2. District Veterans Recognition
VI.B.3. District Health Report
VI.C. Director of Curriculum and Special Programs - Paula Kinslow
VI.C.1. Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) Grant
VI.C.2. Title III and ESL Program Evaluation
VI.C.3. Texas Instructional Materials Allotment Health and PE Adoption Committee
VI.C.4. SHAC Review of Human Sexuality Curriculum--ESTEEM & Anaphylaxis Food Policy
VII. Board Requests
VIII. Agenda Items:
VIII.A. Consideration and possible action on the consent agenda.
VIII.A.1. Minutes of the Previous Meetings
VIII.A.2. Financial Reports
VIII.B. Consideration and possible action on the second reading of the Clyde CISD District Improvement Plan.
VIII.C. Consideration and possible action on a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Clyde CISD employees.
VIII.D. Consideration and possible action on School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) members for 2021-2022.  
VIII.E. Consideration and possible action on a student medical waiver for virtual at home instruction for the 2021-2022 school year.
VIII.F. Consideration and possible action on revised HB3 board goals for 2021-2022.  
IX. Closed Session
IX.A. Personnel (Gov’t Code 551.074)
IX.A.1. Employment - Action Required
IX.A.1.a. Jr. High Teacher
IX.A.2. Resignation/Retirement - Action Required
IX.A.3. Employment - No Action Required
IX.A.4. Retirement/Resignation No Action Required
IX.A.4.a. PEIMS/Attendance Clerk Jr. High
IX.A.5. Other
X. Open Session: Act Upon Items Discussed in Closed Session as Needed
XI. Adjournment

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