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February 14, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call To Order
II. Invocation
III. Public Forum
IV. Consent Agenda
January 2022 Financials/Bills
January 31, 2022 Minutes
V. Consider or approve a Term Administrator Contract for Mrs. Jennifer Forsythe as CISDs' principal for the 2022-2024 school years (2 year contract)
VI. Mrs. Forsythe recommended to the board of adding Mrs. Jennifer Forsythe to the Lonestar Investment Pool account and removing Dr. Donald Rhodes. 
VII. Consideration of additions, revisions, and deletions of (LOCAL) policies reflected in the summary of recommendations resulting from the Policy Review Session conducted on November 9, 2021, as prepared by TASB Policy Service (see attachments)
VIII. Consideration of adopting and deletions. Deleting Policies AF (LOCAL) and DCA (LOCAL) and adopting Policy EB (LOCAL)
IX. Superintendent-Principal Report
       Contracts with Both Inman Construction (Kitchen/Cafeteria/Storm Shelter) and Litteken Construction (Elementary Renovation Project) signed and completed
      2021-2022 CISD's Employee Certification Update
      OTIS Refrigeration Invoice - Rental Freezer Discussion
      District of Innovation Update/Application
      Mr. Jerry Baird Mentor Partnership with Mrs. Jennifer Forsythe
X. Board shall review and consider approving the architect/engineer's design development documents associated with the Elementary Renovation project
XI. Consider authorizing the architect/engineer to proceed with construction document design of the Elementary Renovation project
XII. Executive Session
XIII. Adjourn

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