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December 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Special Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Invocation
III. Student Recognition
IV. Public Forum
V. Public Hearing: Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST)
VI. Public hearing: Texas Academic Performance Report
VII. Reports
VII.a. Presentation by Chief of Police Dusty Bryant regarding a school resource officer.
VII.b. Child Nutrition Report
VII.c. Maintenance and transportation report
VII.d. Athletics Report
VII.e. Superintendent's Report
VII.e.1. Sports passes for Crowell citizens over the age of 60 to attend school sports events free.
VII.e.2. TASB policy updates EHB and EHBB (Local)
VII.e.3. TASB Policy Update 118 video
TASB Policy Update 118 Overview from tasbmedia on Vimeo
VII.f. Architects report
VII.f.1. Presentation of the schematic design phase.
VIII. Action Items
VIII.a. Consent Agenda
VIII.a.1. November 10, 2021 Minutes, December 1, 2021 Minutes, December 8, 2021 Minutes
VIII.a.2. November Financial Reports/Bills
VIII.b. Review and consider approval of an interlocal agreement with the City of Crowell for a school resource officer.
VIII.c. Consider authorizing the use of the school facility for a Citizens Police Academy.
VIII.d. Consider approval of a budget amendment to add a campus resource officer.
VIII.e. Consider approval of  free local sports passes to Crowell citizens over the age of 60.
VIII.f. Consider adoption of local policy update 118 as recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards.
VIII.g. Review and consider adoption of board policy EHB (Local) amd EHBB (Local)
VIII.h. Review and consider approval of the schematic design of the elementary school renovation.
VIII.i. Consider approval of a construction contract with Inman Construction for the construction of a cafeteria, kitchen, and storm shelter.
VIII.j. The board will perform an evaluation exercise for selection of CMAR.
VIII.k. Consider a contract with ****Construction to serve as the Construction Manager at Risk for the elementary renovation project.
IX. Board Training
IX.a. 7:30 p.m. School Board Training-"School Finance 101" (Provider- The Equity Center) via Zoom.
X. Executive Session
X.a. Personnel
X.b. Student Issues
X.c. Consultation with the school's attorney.
XI. Adjournment

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