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July 16, 2015 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
1.A. Verification of Compliance to Open Meeting Law
(Chapter 551.001, et seq of the Texas Open Meetings Act
have been complied within connection with public notice of this meeting.)
1.B. Establish Quorum
1.C. Invocation
1.D. Pledges to the United States Flag and the Texas Flag
2. Open Forum
3. Consent Agenda
3.A. Approval of Board Minutes
3.B. Approval of Expenditures
3.C. Approval of Tax Office Reports
3.D. Investment Report
3.E. Approval of Investment Policy - CDA (LOCAL)
4. Information Items
4.A. RBC Capital Markets, LLC
4.C. 2014-2015 ESL Evaluation - Presenter: Holly Tucker
4.D. Adjustment to the Compressed Tax Rate 2015-2016 - Presenter: Dr. Reddock
5. Action Items
5.A. Open and Award Fuel Bid
5.B. Discussion and Possible Approval for Development of Citizens' Long Range Facilities Planning Committee
5.C. Discussion and Possible Approval of RFQ (Request For Qualifications) for Architectural Services
5.D. Discussion and Possible Approval of Update to DEC (LOCAL)
5.E. Discussion and Possible Approval of Adjunct Faculty Member
5.F. Discussion and Possible to Nominate Representative and Alternate to TASB Delegate Assembly
5.G. Discussion and Possible Approval of Pay Scale for Manual Trades, Clerical/Technical and Professional
5.H. Discussion and Possible Approval of Stipend Pay Scale
5.I. Request Approval of PDAS Appraisers
5.J. Request Approval of Appraisal Calendar
5.K. Discussion and Possible Approval of Administrative Salaries
6. Superintendent's Report
6.A. Resignations
6.B. Maintenance/Grounds
6.B.1. Summer Projects
6.B.1.a. Gymnasium Window Renovation Update
6.B.1.b. Home Restroom and Concessions
6.B.1.c. Tennis Courts
6.B.2. Custodial/Maintenance Update
6.C. Open Positions/Vacancies
6.D. New Employees
6.E. Cafeteria Excess Cost Update
7. Action: Executive Session
7.A. Personnel (551.074)
7.A.1. Personnel - Discussion of Professional Personal
8. Reconvene Following Executive Session - Pursuant to Texas Government Code (Tx Gov't Code Sec 551.001)
8.A. Discussion and Possible Approval of Items Discussed in Executive Session
8.A.1. Personnel (Tx Gov't Code Sec 551.074)
8.A.1.a. Personnel - Hiring of Professional Personnel
9. Consideration of Future Agenda Items
9.A. Next Regular Board Meeting - August 20, 2015
9.B. Team of 8 Training - July 30, 2015
9.C. Budget Workshop 1 - TBD
9.D. Budget Workshop 2 - TBD
9.E. Public Hearing - Adopt Tax Rate - August 27, 2015
10. Adjourn
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