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April 25, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Business Meeting

Call to order at 6:00 PM with announcement by the chair as to the presence of a quorum, that the meeting has been duly called and that notice of the meeting has been posted for the time and manner required by law
National Anthem by the Clements High School Choir Ensemble
Moment of Silence
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Public Comment
May 7, 2022 General Election for Trustees: Joint Election Agreement and Contract for Election Services
Strategic and Budgetary Update
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Superintendent's Update
Board Members' Report
Activity Report
Special Reports
Annual Board Training Report
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Consent Agenda
All items under the Consent Agenda are acted upon by one motion.  Upon a Board Member's request, any item on the Consent Agenda shall be moved to the Action portion of the regular agenda.
Consider approval of Board meeting minutes.
  1. July 19, 2021: Regular Business Meeting 6:00 pm
  2. August 4, 2021: Special Called Meeting 5:00 pm
  3. August 9, 2021: Special Called Meeting 7:00 pm
  4. August 9, 2021: Special Called Meeting 6:00 pm
  5. August 10, 2021: Special Called Meeting 7:00 pm
  6. August 11, 2021: Special Called Meeting 7:00 pm
  7. August 12, 2021: Special Called Meeting 11:00 am
  8. August 19, 2021: Special Called Meeting 3:30 pm
  9. August 20, 2021: Special Called Meeting 12:00 pm
  10. October 12, 2021:  Called Meeting and Agenda Review
Consider approval of proposed revisions to policies FL(Local), FFG (Local), FDE (Local), EHAA (Local) and GKC (Local)
Consider approval for the adoption and purchase of instructional resources associated with the program area included within Proclamation 2022.
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Consider approval of the Instructional Material Allotment (IMA) and TEKS Certification for 2022-2023.
Consider approval of an Interlocal Participation Agreement (IPA) with the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Risk Management Fund.
Consider approval of amending the cellular tower lease agreement with Eco-Site II, LLC (AT&T representative) for a cell tower at Kempner HS.
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Consider approval of the 2022-2023 FBISD Designated Hazardous Traffic Conditions Resolution.
Consider approval of a Utility Easement Agreement with Sienna Municipality Utility District (MUD) No. 5 at the New Alyssa Ferguson Elementary. (ES#54)
Consider approval of a Water Meter Easement Agreement with Fort Bend County MUD No 118 at Travis HS.
Consider approval of the Budget Amendment Regarding use of 2018 Bond Program Contingency Funds.
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Consideration and Approval of the Compensation Adjustment
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Consideration and approval of Purchases Exceeding $50,000 Specifically for:
Consider approval of a construction services agreement with (JOC) Jamail & Smith Construction at multiple campuses.
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Consider approval for a project budget for Austin Parkway Elementary drainage.
Consider approval of Bond Contingency use for Progressive HS parking lot.
Consider approval of a revised budget of PKG035.2 to fund the construction of a new Fieldhouse at Clements HS.
Consider approval for the continued purchase of Physical Examinations on Drug and Alcohol Testing Services.
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Consider approval for the purchase of Large Kitchen Equipment.
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Consider approval for the purchase of Nursing Services.
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Consider approval for the purchase of Appsian Security Software.
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Convene in closed session under Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 551 under the following sections: 551.071 - For the purpose of a private consultation with the Board's attorney on any or all subjects or matters authorized by law; Section 551.072 - Consider purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property, Section 551.074 - Personnel matters, Section 551.076 - Security matters, Section 551.082 - Student discipline matter or complaint, or Section 551.0821 - Personally identifiable information about public school student
Level Three DGBA Grievance
Consideration and approval for Executive Director of Employee Relations.
Consideration and approval for Sugar Land Middle School Principal.  Effective July 2022.
Consideration and approval of Quail Valley Elementary School Principal.  Effective January 2023.
Consideration and possible ratification of personnel appointment for Quail Valley Middle School Principal.
Contract Renewals
Reconvene in Open Session
Consider Action on Closed Session Items
Consider approval of Alternate Approvers for PEIMS Submissions.
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