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November 16, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
2. Board Election Information
2.A. Consider and Take Action with Respect to Canvassing the November 3, 2020 Board of Trustees Election
Attachments: (3)
2.B. Issue Certificate of Election, Administer Statement of Elected Officer, and the Oath of Office
3. Closed Session
3.A.  Pursuant to 551.074 Personnel: to deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public official or employee
3.B. Pursuant to 551.072 Real Property: to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property
3.C. Pursuant to 551.076 Security Devices or Security Audits: to deliberate the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation , of security personnel or devices, or a security audit
3.D. Section 551.071(2) of the Texas Government Code, to Conduct a Private Consultation With the Board’s Attorney on a Matter In Which the Duty of the Attorney to the Board Under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas Clearly Conflicts With the Open Meetings Act
4. Reconvene into Open Session
5. Invocation
6. Pledge of Allegiance 
7. Issue Certificate of Election, Administer Statement of Elected Officer, and Administer Oath of Office
8. Reorganize Board and Elect Officers

TEC 11.061(c) and Policy BDAA (LOCAL) dictate that the Board, in the meeting following any election, must select:
  • A Board President
  • A Board Vice President
  • A Board Secretary
9. Recognition
9.A. Recognition of Donation
10. Public Forum
11. Consider Action Items Discussed in Executive Session
11.A. Employment of Professional Personnel
12. Information Items
12.A. Superintendent's Report
12.B. Teaching and Learning Update
12.B.1. TIPS (Targeted Improvement Plan)
12.B.2. Bilingual/ESL Audit
12.C. Announcement of Board Training Hours
12.D. FCCLA Presentation
12.E. Enrollment Update
Attachments: (1)
13. Discussion Items
13.A. COVID Planning and Response
13.B. Selection of Instructional Materials
13.C. Naming of STEM Campus
14. Action Items
14.A. District Improvement Plan
14.C. COVID Heros Stipends
14.D. Approval of Asynchronous Instruction Waiver for McCarroll Middle School
15. Consent Agenda
15.A. Minutes of October 19, 2020 Regular Meeting
Attachments: (1)
15.B. Budget Amendment(s)
15.C. Purchase(s) Greater Than $50,000
15.D. Annual Investment Report
Attachments: (1)
16. Financial Information
16.A. Monthly Financial Statements
Attachments: (1)
16.B. Tax Collection Report
16.C. TexPool Monthly Statement of Accounts
Attachments: (1)
16.D. Payment of Bills
Attachments: (1)
17. Adjournment

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