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August 19, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Announcement by the Board President calling this meeting of the Taft Independent School District to order. Let the record show that a quorum of Board Members is present, that this meeting has been duly called, and that notice of this meeting has been posted in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Chapter 551.
2. Invocation
3. Taft ISD Credo and Taft ISD Goals
4. Public Comments: Comments are limited to five minutes per speaker. The Board Secretary will be the timekeeper and will inform the speaker when they have one (1) remaining minute. Should there be more than five (5) people who wish to speak on a particular issue they need to select one (1) representative to speak for them. The presiding officer or designee shall determine whether a person who wishes to address the Board has attempted to solve the matter administratively. If not, the person shall be directed to the appropriate policy, as noted in BED (Local), to seek resolution before bringing the matter to the Board at a subsequent meeting. Pursuant to 551.042 of the Texas Government Code, no Board Member or Administrator may respond to a member of the public, unless such response is a recitation of District policy or a statement of specific factual information.
5. Budget Workshop
6. Consent Agenda
6.A. Approve Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 15, 2014 and the Special Meeting of August 12, 2014 
6.B. Approve Investment Report for July, 2014
6.C. Total Expenditures by Function Ending July, 2014
6.D. Summary of Taxes Paid to Taft ISD for June and July, 2014
7. Information Only
7.A. State Evaluation Ratings
7.B. Waterpark 2014 Season
7.C. Early Learning Academy Report
7.D. Goal Setting Workshop
8. Items for Individual Consideration
8.A. Discuss and/or Approve Budget Amendments
8.B. Discuss and/or Approve Petty Elementay Needs Assesment Summary and Employement Plan
8.C. Discuss and/or Approve 2014-2015 Handbooks
8.C.1. Student Handbook
8.C.2. Student Code of Conduct
8.C.3. Personnel Handbook
8.C.4. Law Enforcement Intervention Guide
8.C.5. Transportation - Bus Rider's Handbook
8.C.6. Information and Technology Policy
8.D. Discuss and/or Approve Resolution of the 4-H Club Extracurricular Activity
8.E. Discuss and/or Approve Adjunct Faculty Agreement
8.F. Discuss and/or Approve Removing Sylvia Montemayor and Johnny Carvajal as authorized signatures and Replacing with authorized signatures Mary Garrett and Herman Rodriguez on the following Prosperity Bank Accounts
Taft ISD General Funds
Taft ISD Payroll
Taft ISD Worker's Comp Account
Taft ISD Enterprise Fund
Taft ISD Food Service
Taft ISD Health & Welfare Account
8.G. Discuss and/or Approve the Change to DNA (Local) changing the teacher evaluation language. 
9. Closed Session: Board will adjourn into closed session pursuant to the following sections of the Texas Open Meetings Act
9.A. The Board will convene in closed session as authorized by the Texas Government Code, Chapter 551. et. seq. TGC 551.071, 551.072, and 551.074
9.A.1. Employee Resignations
9.A.1.a. Jennifer O'Brien
10. Reconvened from Closed Session: The Board will take appropriate action on items, if necessary, as discussed in Closed Session
11. Future Board Agenda Items from Board Members
12. Adjourn
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