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April 20, 2010 at 7:00 PM - Regular

III. SPECIAL PRESENTATION - Stephen F. Austin Elementary
IV. ITEMS FOR BOARD INFORMATION: *(Items for information may become action items.)
IV.A. Superintendent's Report
IV.A.1. Update on the Superintendent Search
V. EXECUTIVE SESSION *(Items discussed may become action items in open session.)
V.A. 551.074 - Personnel
VI.A. Approval of the Consent Agenda
VI.A.1. Minutes
VI.A.2. Disbursements
VI.A.3. Personnel - Resignations and Recommendations
VI.A.4. Budget Amendments
VI.B. Cancel Trustee Election and Declare Candidates Elected by an Order
VI.C. Consider and Approve TASB Policy Update 87, Affecting Local Policies (See Attached list), For Second Reading
VI.D. Consider and Approve DCB (Local) Policy - Employment Practices Term Contracts, For Second Reading
VI.E. Consider and Approve Extended Year Instructional Program Plan
VI.F. Consider and Approve Engagement of Independent Auditor for the 2009-2010 Annual Financial Audit
VI.G. Consider and Approve Skyward Annual Maintenance Agreement
VI.H. Consider and Approve Data Projector Installations at Dayton High School, Wilson Junior High, and Nottingham Middle School
VI.I. Consider and Approve Data Projector / Eno Board Installation at Colbert Elementary
VI.J. Consider and Approve Electrical Outlets for Dayton High School, Wilson Junior High, Nottingham Middle School and Colbert
VI.K. Consider and Approve New Staff Computers at Kimmie M. Brown
VI.L. Consider and Approve Nottingham Middle School Asbestos Abatement
VI.M. Consider and Approve Nottingham Middle School Flooring
VI.N. Consider and Approve Nottingham Middle School Lighting Replacements
VI.O. Consider and Approve Staff Development Institute
VI.P. Consider and Approve Revision to Academic Calendar for the 2010-2011 School Year
VI.Q. Consider and Approve Interlocal Agreement for Parking with City of Dayton
VI.R. Consider and Approve Participation in the Hardin Chambers Guidance Center
VI.S. Consider and Approve Revisions to FFAC (Local) Policy - Wellness and Health Services Medical Treatment - Nonprescription Drugs no Longer Provided by District for First Reading
VII. ITEMS FOR BOARD INFORMATION: *(Items for information may become action items.)
VII.A. Superintendent's Report
VII.A.1. Secondary Curriculum Alignment Report
VII.B. Assistant Superintendent Pierce's Report
VII.B.1. Budget Workshop
VII.B.2. Financial/Budget Statements
VII.B.3. Check Register from Activity Funds
VII.B.4. Tax Collector's Report
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