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August 7, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Meetings with Boardbook

I. What is BoardBook?
II. Welcome/Introduction
II.A. Test Item
III. Sample Documents
III.A. Word Document
III.B. Excel Spreadsheet
III.D. Power Point Presentation
IV. BoardBook Basics - Agenda Manager View
IV.A. Creating a Meeting
IV.B. Editing a Meeting
IV.C. Preparing Meeting Documents
IV.D. Releasing Meeting Documents
V. BoardBook Basics - Public View
V.A. Integrate BoardBook Public View Link on Website
V.B. Improve Transparency and timeliness of posting public information while maintaining the security of confidential documents
V.C. Voting
VI. Summary of Extra Features
VI.A. Email Notifications
VI.B. Uploading attachments
VI.C. Attendance taking
VI.D. Note taking
VII. Wrap-Up/Q&A
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