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May 16, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Called Meeting

I. Opening Exercises
I.A. Establish a quorum.
I.B. Call meeting into session.
I.C. Certification of public notice.
I.D. Prayer- a moment of reflection.
I.E. Pledge of Allegiance - National & State
II. Team Communication Efforts
II.A. Public Related
II.B. Board Related
II.B.1. Installation of Board Members
II.B.2. Election of Board Officers
Vice President
II.C. Superintendent Related
II.C.1. Notification of Preliminary Appraisal Estimates-Freestone/Leon CAD Update
II.C.2. Enrollment
II.C.3. Maintenance/Transportation Report
III. Consent Agenda Items
III.A. Minutes of board meeting(s) - Regular Called April 18, 2022
III.B. Monthly Tax Report (EXHIBIT B)
III.C. Financial Report - Investment - Cash Flow Summary
IV. Administrative Recommendations- Board Consideration/Action
IV.A. Consideration and possible action to approve the Resolution for Investment Policy Review.
IV.B. Consideration and possible action to approve budget amendment #5 regarding additional funding increases.
IV.C. Consideration and possible action to approve the Athletic Trainer Agreement for the 2022-2023 school year.
V. Adjournment

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