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May 9, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of Agenda
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4. Recognitions 
4.A. Blake Zimmerli - Ellis Middle School student
Speaker(s):  Cheryl Berglund, MacPhail Austin Site Director
4.B. Austin High School FFA students
Speaker(s):  FFA Advisors Kim Schechinger and Nick Schiltz
5. Delegations
6. Superintendent's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Page
7. School Board Reports
8. Student Representative Report
Speaker(s):  Katherine Diaz
9. Referendum survey results
Speaker(s):  Dr. Don Lifto, Baker Tilly Representative
Attachments: (1)
10. Elementary and Secondary Principal Reports
Speaker(s):  Elementary Report - Woodson Principal Jill Rollie; Secondary Report - Ellis Principal Jessica Cabeen
11. Department Updates/Committee Reports
Speaker(s):  Administrative Services - John Alberts; Educational Services - Katie Baskin; Community Education - Jennifer Lawhead; Special Services - Sheri Willrodt; Information Services - Corey Haugen
12. Consent Agenda:  Board Action Requested
Description:  If desired, items may be removed from the consent agenda by request by an individual school board member for independent consideration. A request is timely if made prior to the vote on the consent agenda. The request does not require a second or a vote by the school board. An item removed from the consent agenda will then be discussed and acted on separately immediately following the consideration of the consent agenda.
12.A. Regular meeting minutes of 4/11/22
Attachments: (1)
12.B. Special meeting minutes of 4/25/22
Attachments: (1)
12.C. Personnel report
Attachments: (1)
12.D. Bills as of 5/9/22
Attachments: (1)
12.E. Treasurer's Report - March 2022
12.F. Pay Equity Report
Attachments: (1)
13. Request approval of 2021-22 amended budget (Action)
Speaker(s):  Exec Dir of Finance and Operations Andrew Adams
Attachments: (1)
14. Request approval of donations (Action)
Speaker(s):  Exec Dir of Finance and Operations Andrew Adams
Attachments: (1)
15. Request approval of 2023-24 school calendar (Action)
Speaker(s):  Exec Dir of Organizational Dev & Admin Services John Alberts
Attachments: (1)
16. Request approval to appoint Dr. Joey Page as Identified Official with Authority for 2022-23 (Action)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Page
Attachments: (1)
17. Request approval of new policy 721 - Uniform Grant Guidance Policy (Action)
Speaker(s):  Policy Committee Members
18. Reminder of School Board Study Session scheduled for Monday, May 23, 2022, at 4 pm in the District Office Conference Room.
19. Adjournment

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