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August 9, 2022 at 7:00 AM - Regular Meeting

I. Chairperson - Call to order by Chairperson ______________ at _________ and declaration of a quorum.
II. Attendance:
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Consideration/Approval of district invoices
V. Public Input
VI. School Board Member Comments
VII. Budget Report
Attachments: (1)
VIII. Administrative Reports
VIII.A. Superintendent or Business Manager Report
VIII.B. High School Principal
Attachments: (1)
VIII.C. Elementary Principal
VIII.D. District Administrator/DAC
VIII.E. Activities Director
Attachments: (1)
VIII.F. Committees
VIII.F.1. Pine to Prairie
VIII.F.2. Staff Development
VIII.G. Board Goals Discussion
IX. Adoption of Agenda
X. Old or Unfinished Business
X.A. Approve Fuel bid from Petro Serve, Ada Country Store, Valley United and Freedom Fuel (A)
XI. New Business
XI.A. Consent Agenda (A)
XI.A.1. Accept Donations
XI.A.2. Approve Minutes from July 14, 2022 regular meeting
Attachments: (1)
XI.A.3. Approve 2022-23 contract & MOU with Tri-Valley
XI.A.4. Approve lease agreement with City of Ada
XI.A.5. Approve lease agreement with ARC Lanes
XI.A.6. Approve lease agreement with Dekko Community Center
XI.A.7. Approve lease agreement with Heart of the Valley Golf Course
XI.A.8. Approve the 2022-23 Elementary Student Handbook
XI.A.9. Approve the 2022-23 High School Student Handbook
XI.A.10. Approve the 2022-23 Activities Handbook
Attachments: (1)
XI.A.11. Approve the 2022-23 Technology Handbook
XI.B. Personnel
XI.B.1. Approve hiring Angela Cordell as a 1.0 FTE Special Education Teacher (A)
XI.B.2. Approve hiring Brenda Dahl as a paraprofessional (A)
XI.B.3. Approve hiring Shahnee Chisholm as a paraprofessional (A)
XI.B.4. Accept resignation of Jan Moy as a paraprofessional (A)
XI.B.5. Approve lane change request from Tammie Ruebke to move from BA40 to BA50/MA (A)
XI.C. Approve 22-23 School Board Goals (A)
XII. Adjourn

Next Regular School Board Meeting Date: _____________  Time:  _______

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