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September 1, 2020 at 7:00 AM - Ada-Borup - Special Meeting

I. Chairperson - Call to order by Chairperson ______________ at _________ and declaration of a quorum.
II. Attendance:
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Public Input
V. Adoption of Agenda
VI. Old or Unfinished Business
VII. New Business
VII.A. Personnel
VII.A.1. New Hires
VII.A.1.a. Approve hiring Vanessa Gonzalez as a paraprofessional (A)
VII.A.1.b. Approve hiring Timothy Flom as a paraprofessional (A)
VII.A.1.c. Approve hiring Jessica Johnson as a paraprofessional (A)
VII.A.1.d. Approve hiring Jason Bitker as a custodian (A)
VII.A.2. Lane Change Requests
VII.A.3. Approve lane change request from Michael Sterton from BA20 to BA30 (A)
VII.A.4. Approve lane change request from Shannon Syverson from BA10 to BA20 (A)
VII.A.5. Approve Lane Change request from Spencer Ruebke from MA to MA10 (A)
VIII. Adjourn

Next Regular School Board Meeting Date: _____________  Time:  _______

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