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January 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call the Meeting to Order
Speaker(s):  Mr. Alan Swinford
2. Verification of Compliance with Open Meeting Law -  this is to Certify that the Provisions of Section 551.001 of the Texas Government Code have been met in Connection with the Public Notice of this Meeting. 
Speaker(s):  Board President - Alan Swinford
3. Invocation
Speaker(s):  Mr. Alan Swinford
4. Pledges to the United States and Texas Flags
Speaker(s):  Students
5. Recognition of Visitors
Speaker(s):  Mr. Alan Swinford
6. Public Forum
Speaker(s):  Mr. Alan Swinford
7. Special Recognitions
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
7.a. School Board Appreciation Month
7.b. Recognition of District Champion UIL Academic Teams and Individuals Finishing in the Top Three
7.c. Recognition of All-State Academic Athletes - Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country
8. Superintendent's Report 
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
9. District Reports
9.a. Discussion Items and District Reports
9.a.i. Discussion of Budget Timeline and Board Priorities for Budget 2022-2023 
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
9.a.ii. Discussion to Establish Priorities and Guiding Principals for the Facility Review & Long Range Planning Committee
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard & RJ Lopez
9.a.iii. Discussion of Fencing and Carport Project
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
10. Public Hearing on Proposed Changes to Trustee Election Wards as Required by 2020 Decennial Census
11. Action Items
11.a. Action to Approve a Resolution Adopting Single Member Districts
Speaker(s):  Mackenzie Walters
11.b. Discussion of and Request for Approval of Annual Financial Audit for 2020-2021 School Year
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
11.c. Discussion of and Request for Approval of Revisions to District Housing Guidelines
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
11.c.i. Discussion of and Request for Approval for Contracted Services for Interim Principal
11.d. Discussion of and Possible Revisions to Student Travel Allowances
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
11.e. Discussion of and Request for Approval to Establish Adult Meal Prices
Speaker(s):  Renee Means
11.f. Discussion of and Request for Approval of Revisions to the 2021-2022 Compensation Plan
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
11.g. Discussion of and Request for Approval of Interlocal Agreement Between the County of Crane and Crane ISD
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
11.h. Discussion of and Request for Approval of Election Order and Notice for May 7, 2022 Board of Trustees Election
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
11.i. Discussion of and Request for Approval of Budget Amendment #5
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephanie Howard
12. Executive Session to Include:
12.a. Texas Government Code § 551.074 – Discuss, Appoint, Employment, Evaluation, Reassignment Duties, Discipline or Dismissal of an Employee
12.b. Texas Government Code § 551.071 – Consultation with District Legal Counsel in connection with Redistricting Process.
12.c.  Texas Government Code § 551.071 – Deliberation Regarding Superintendent Evaluation 
13. Consent Agenda to Include:
13.a. Minutes of Previous Meeting (s)
13.b. Finance Report and Current Bills
14. Information Items
14.a. Routine Personnel Report
15. Future Agenda Items
16. Adjournment

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