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January 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting


I. Routine Business

I.A. Call To Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Invocation
I.E. Recognition
I.E.1. Student
I.E.2. Staff
I.E.3. Other
II. Presentation - Girl Scouts
III. Executive Session
IV. Open Forum
V. Reports
V.A. Operations / Technology Report
V.B. Athletics Report
V.C. Finance Report
V.C.1. Board Financials
V.C.2. Investment Report
V.C.3. Check List
V.D. Board President Report
V.D.1. Upcoming Board Meetings
V.D.2. Board Training - Team Building
V.D.3. Other Updates
V.E. Superintendent Report
V.E.1. TASB Compensation Plan Review
V.E.2. Elections
V.E.3. Communication Survey
V.E.4. Campus Reports
V.E.5. Other Updates
VI. Public Hearing:  Texas Academic Performance Report
VII. Consent Items
VII.A. Minutes of previous board meetings
VII.B. Donations
VII.C. Budget Amendment #5
VIII. Action Items
VIII.A. Consider Approval of 2020-2021 Financial Audit
VIII.B. Consider Approval of Bus Purchase
VIII.C. Consider Approval of Tractor Purchase
VIII.D. Consider possible action related to the acquisition, purchase, or sale of land
IX. Board Workshop - Facility Planning
X. Adjournment

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