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December 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1.1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
1.2. Roll Call: Birhanzl ___  Helgeson ___ Pauling ___  Sachariason ___ Snell ___  and Stenson ___
1.3. Approval of Agenda
1.4. Professional Development
Discussion:  For our professional development this month, please read and highlight salient points in Chapters 11-14.  Be prepared to share what you find impressive about "The Grove".  Also, think about the main points of each chapter and how they might apply to our organization.  
1.5. Public Comment
Description:  Public Forum allows for comments on agenda or non-agenda items from the public. Public Forum allows for up to 3-minutes per speaker and limits one speaker per topic.
Discussion:  Carol Arends
1.6. Special Presentation
1.6.1. High School CTE Team
Discussion:  The Montevideo High School CTE team will be on hand to present their work and plans for the CTE program.
1.6.2. Truth in Taxation Presentation
Discussion:  Adam Spray, Chief School Business Official, will present the annual Truth in Taxation information for board and public review and comment.
1.7. Approval of Consent Agenda 
(Any item or items may be pulled off the consent agenda, at the request of any board member, for consideration by the board as a whole.)
1.7.1. Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes
1.7.2. Bills
1.7.3. Treasurer's Report
1.7.4. Budget Report
1.7.5. Personnel Actions Employment
Discussion:  Jasmyn Kronback, Teacher Assistant, Sanford
Katelyn Enevoldsen, ESL Assistant, High School
Ruth Comeaux, Special Ed Assistant, Ramsey
Extra-Curricular Winter Coaching Assignments
Jennifer Miller, School Success Coordinator, High School
Shea Bohlin, Grounds & Maintenance, Districtwide
Derek Birdsall, Custodian, Ramsey Elementary Resignations/Retirements
Discussion:  Bryan Varpness, Custodian, Ramsey
Morgan Lee, Special Ed Assistant, Ramsey
Megan Siverson, Special Ed Assistant, Ramsey
Joanna Turrbiates, Part-time Assistant, Sanford
Shawn Anderson, Custodian, High School
Susan Lokken, Special Ed Assistant, Ramsey Reassignments
1.8. Resolution Accepting a Gift, Donation, Contribution or Bequest
Discussion:  Montevideo Youth Sports Club donated $500 toward the Community Education scholarship program.
Montevideo Lions Club donated $1,000 towards the high school welding program.
Private donation of $300 towards the scholarship program.
$25 donated to the Individuals with Disabilities fund in memory of Jeff Kavanagh.
1.9. Superintendent's Report
1.10. Board Reports
1.10.1. Board Committees
1.10.2. Student Representative Report
1.10.3. Administrators
1.11. Congratulatory Action and Recognition
2.1. Set Special December Board Meeting
Discussion:  A special board meeting must be set for December for the annual audit presentation and approval.  Board members will establish the date to be approved in item #3.7.
3.1. Final Reading - Board Policy Revisions
3.2. Teacher's Seniority List
3.3. Ratification of the 2021-2022 Contract with the Montevideo School Office Personnel (International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 70)
3.4. Adopt Resolution Establishing Combined Polling Places.
3.5. Approve Service Agreement with SWWC Service Cooperative
Discussion:  SWWC has approached the district regarding snow removal, grounds maintenance, and light facility maintenance.  An annual fee of $13,000 has been agreed upon for the first year of this service and is to be re-evaluated at the end of July, 2022.  
Approval of this agreement is being recommended by Superintendent McKittrick.
3.6. Certification of the 2021 Pay 2022 Levy
Discussion:  This action is to approve the 2021 Pay 2022 Levy as outlined in the Truth in Taxation presentation.  The Levy 2021 Pay 2022 levy is for $2,721,831.39, which is a decrease of $105,841.68 or 3.74% from the 2020-Pay 2021 levy.

Fund                  2021 Pay22 Limitation              $ Change            % Change   
General                    $1,732,953.76                  -$29,779.98              -1.69%
Comm Service         $197,582.12                      $14,691.60                8.03%
Gen. Debt Service   $791,295.51                     -$90,753.30              -10.29%

Total                         $2,721,831.39                  -$105,841.68            -3.74%
3.7. Set Special December Board Meeting
3.8. Resolution Directing Administration to Develop Recommendations on Staffing, Programs and Budgets.
Discussion:  This is an annual item. Prior to establishing a budget and potentially making staffing changes, it is essential that the administration review programs and positions and give consideration to program changes for the coming fiscal year.

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