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December 13, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Business Meeting

1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Description:  6:30 p.m. - Pledge of Allegiance
2. Agenda Approval 
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Description:  Corrections/Deletions/Additions/Items from Consent Agenda
3. Recognition of Visitors
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Description:  Public Comment and Acknowledgement of Correspondence
4. Regular Business
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4.A. Approval of Minutes, Monthly Meeting - November 8, 2021
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
4.B. Approval of Accounts Payable / Payroll / Transfers for November 2021
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
Attachments: (1)
4.C. December 13, 2021

~Any Board Member may request that any item be removed from this consent agenda
and moved to a regular agenda item~
  1. Appointments:
Nick Koerbitz; boys’ C-squad basketball coach for the 2021-2022 school year.
Kerrion Cowans; Paraprofessional effective 12/13/2021.
Rylee Christi; Paraprofessional effective 12/10/2021.
Tonya Tubbs; Long term substitute effective December 6, 2021.
Robert Reed; Volunteer Wrestling Coach for the 2021-2022 school year.
Steve Gullickson; Volunteer Wrestling Coach for the 2021-2022 school year.
James Novak; Facility Maintenance Technician 
  1. Resignations/Retirements:
Tammy Fankhauser; Paraprofessional effective December 10, 2021.
Jaccob Nattrass; Custodian effective December 3, 2021.
  1. Other:
Gerald White contract assignment of .6 FTE Cultural Arts Instructor and Anishinaabe Education Director.
Rita Smith: Licensed Practical Nurse, assigned additional 30 minutes of work per school day effective January 3, 2021, until June 2, 2022.
AFSCME Employee Recruitment Incentive Resolution
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
5. Information Items
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
5.A. Annual Financial Audit Presentation
Speaker(s):  Jackie Knowles, BerganKDV
5.B. Introduction to the Link to Equity Project
Speaker(s):  Joe Akre
Description:  The district will collaborate with the University of Minnesota.
5.C. Review of Safe Schools Plan
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  Review current plan for discussion purposes only utilizing updated public health data.  
5.E. Elementary Principal's Report
Speaker(s):  Jennifer Stefan
5.F. High School Principal's Report
Speaker(s):  Joe Akre
5.G. Activities Program Report
Speaker(s):  Brent Schimek
5.H. Building and Grounds Department Report
Speaker(s):  Brent Schimek
5.I. Full Service Community Schools Program Report
Speaker(s):  Deanna Hron
5.J. Board Member or Committee Reports
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
5.K. Superintendent's Report
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
6. Action Items
Speaker(s):  Chairperson
6.A. Accept Annual Audit Report
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
6.B. Certify the 2021 Pay and 2022 Final Levy
Speaker(s):  Jennifer Drotts
6.C. Update of High School Student Handbook for Second Semester
Speaker(s):  Joe Akre
6.E. Resolution of Support for the Deer River Community Trails Project
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
6.F. Proposed AFSCME Employee Recruitment Incentive Resolution
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  Due to many pandemic related factors, the District currently has unfilled vacancies in various educational support positions.  A recruitment and referral incentive is proposed to stimulate interest in those vacancies within professional networks.  Failure to maintain adequate staffing may ultimately lead to the inability of the district to meet its obligation to provide a free and appropriate public education for all students.  It may also lead to changes in learning models to reduce staffing shortages.  Neither is advantageous for the Deer River community.
6.G. Deer River Education Association Memorandum of Understanding Credit Reimbursement
Speaker(s):  Jeff Pesta
Description:  The District and DREA have tentatively agreed during negotiations to add the language featured in this MOU.  However, the new master agreement has not been settled.  This has created a disruption in obtaining the necessary Developmentally Adaptive Physical Education licensure at the high school.
7. Future Meetings
Speaker(s):  Chairperson

December 15 - DREA Meet and Confer Committee at King Media Center,
5:00 p.m.
January 10 -  Annual Organizational & Regular Business Meetings at TBD
Proposed Work Session Date for Facilities & Staffing Strategic Planning
8. Adjournment
Speaker(s):  Chairperson

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