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March 5, 2018 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Opening Exercises
1.A. Roll call
1.B. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Public participation/recognition
3. Minutes - Approval - Regular Meeting of February 5, 2018 & Special Meeting of February 28, 2018
3.A. Regular Meeting of February 5, 2018
3.B. Special Meeting of February 28, 2018
4. Communications
5. Report of Student Representatives
6. Recognition of Boys Soccer State Championship
7. Administrative Reports
7.A. Administrators, Program Directors and Teachers
7.A.1. General Update
7.B. Assistant Superintendent's Report
7.B.1. General Update
7.C. Business Manager's Report
7.C.1. Sungard Update
7.C.2. Current Status of 2017-18 Budget
7.C.3. General Update
8. Superintendent's Report
8.A. Strategic Planning Survey Update
8.B. School Safety Update
8.C. Budget Process Update
8.D. General Update
9. Acceptance of Perkins Supplemental Grant Application
10. Reports
10.A. Board of Education Subcommittees and Special Committees
10.A.1. Budget & Finance/Negotiations Subcommittee (Erica Gelven, Todd Pozefsky, Lois Ruggiero, Doug Traynor)
10.A.2. Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee (Lois Ruggiero, Doug Traynor)
10.A.3. Instruction Subcommittee (Erica Gelven, Peter Giannotti, Sandy Luke, Kimberly Russo)
10.A.4. LEARN (Doug Traynor is the BOE Liaison to LEARN)
10.A.5. Policy Subcommittee (Peter Giannotti, Sandy Luke, Lois Ruggiero, Kimberly Russo, Doug Traynor)
10.A.6. Public Relations Subcommittee (Sandy Luke, Todd Pozefsky)
10.A.7. School Nutrition Subcommittee (Erica Gelven, Lois Ruggiero
10.A.8. Technology Subcommittee (Lois Ruggiero, Peter Giannotti, Kimberly Russo)
10.B. Town of Clinton Committees
10.B.1. Capital Expenditure Committee
10.B.2. Morgan Building Committee
10.B.3. OPEB - Other Post-Employment Benefits Board of Trustees
11. Field Trip Update
12. Non-Renewal of Non-Tenured Certified Staff
13. Personnel Items
13.A. Resignations/Retirement/Termination
13.A.1. Acceptance of Resignation - Grade 6 Mathematics
13.A.2. Acceptance of Resignation - Varsity Boys Basketball at Morgan
13.B. Appointments (Certificated, Classified, Extra Duty)
13.B.1. Extra-Duty Staff - JV Baseball at Morgan
13.B.2. Extra-Duty Staff - Assistant Track at Morgan
13.C. Transfers
13.D. Information
14. Financial Items
14.A. Bills Payable
15. Adjournment

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