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July 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. EXECUTIVE SESSION - 7:00 - 7:30 PM
2. Opening Exercises
2.A. Roll call
2.B. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Public participation/recognition
4. Election of Board Secretary
5. Minutes - Approval - Minutes of the Meeting of June 6, 2016
6. Communications
7. Personnel Items
7.A. Resignations/Retirement/Termination
7.A.1. Retirement of Certified Staff - Kathleen Barrett
7.A.2. Resignation of Classified Staff - Josh Hamilton
7.A.3. Extra-Duty Resignation - Sandra Murphy
7.A.4. Extra-Duty Resignation - Shannon Robinson
7.A.5. Extra-Duty Resignation - Christopher Zawadski
7.B. Appointments (Certificated, Classified, Extra Duty)
7.B.1. Appointment of Certified Staff - Marco Famiglietti
7.B.2. Appointment of Certified Staff - Tara Ireland
7.B.3. Appointment of Certified Staff - Tara Obuchowski
7.B.4. Appointment of Certified Staff - Jessica Lynch
7.B.5. Appointment of Certified Staff - Mariela Spencer
7.B.6. Appointment of Certified Staff - Deborah Jarett
7.B.7. Appointment of Certified Staff - Jordan Bean
7.B.8. Appointment of Certified Staff - Brooke Mazzarella
7.B.9. Appointment of Certified Staff - Jessica Mularski
7.B.10. Appointment of Certified Staff - Jennifer Kilkelly
7.B.11. Appointment of Classified Staff - Denise Turner
7.B.12. Appointment of Classified Staff - Timothy Kaliszewski
7.B.13. Appointment of Extra-Duty Staff - Jessica Lynch
7.B.14. Appointment of Extra Duty Staff - Laura Luther
7.C. Transfers
7.D. Information
8. Administrative Reports
8.A. Administrators, Program Directors and Teachers
8.A.1. General Update
8.B. Assistant Superintendent's Report
8.B.1. General Update
8.C. Business Manager's Report
8.C.1. Auditors - update
8.C.2. 2015-16 Budget update
8.C.3. General Update
9. Superintendent's Report
9.A. Proposed 2016-17 Bus Routes and consideration of consolidating the routes
9.B. Smart Start Grant - update
9.C. Auditorium Fee Schedules (including technical assistance and lighting)
9.D. Superintendent's Entry Plan - update
9.E. Morgan School - update on old and new
9.F. ED-099 Agreement for Child Nutrition Programs - revision to Authorized Signers
9.G. General Update
10. Reports
10.A. Board of Education Subcommittees and Special Committees
10.A.1. Budget & Finance/Negotiations Subcommittee
10.A.2. Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee
10.A.3. Instruction Subcommittee
10.A.4. LEARN
10.A.5. Policy Subcommittee
10.A.6. Public Relations Subcommittee
10.A.7. School Nutrition Subcommittee
10.A.8. Technology Subcommittee
10.B. Town of Clinton Committees
10.B.1. Capital Expenditure Committee
10.B.2. Morgan Building Committee
10.B.3. OPEB - Other Post-Employment Benefits Board of Trustees
11. Financial Items
11.A. Bills Payable
12. Adjournment

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