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September 21, 2015 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Opening Exercises
1.A. Roll call
1.B. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Public participation/recognition
3. Minutes - Approval
4. Communications
5. Staff Recognition
5.A. Tenure
5.B. Teacher of the Year
6. Administrative Reports
6.A. Administrators, Program Directors and Teachers
6.A.1. Summer Maintenance Projects Update
6.A.2. Simply Smiles Program
6.A.3. General Update
6.B. Assistant Superintendent's Report
6.B.1. General Update
6.C. Business Manager's Report
6.C.1. General Update
7. Superintendent's Report
7.A. Enrollment Update
7.B. Legislative Update
7.C. Student Representative Process
7.D. General Update
7.E. Upcoming Events
8. Reports
8.A. Board of Education Subcommittees and Special Committees
8.A.1. Budget & Finance Subcommittee
8.A.2. Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee
8.A.3. Instruction Subcommittee
8.A.4. LEARN
8.A.5. Policy Subcommittee
8.A.6. Public Relations Subcommittee
8.A.7. School Nutrition Subcommittee
8.A.8. Technology Subcommittee
8.B. Town of Clinton Committees
8.B.1. Capital Expenditure Committee
8.B.2. Morgan Building Committee
8.B.3. Cable Advisory Committee
9. Personnel Items
9.A. Resignations/Retirement/Termination
9.A.1. Classified Resignation - Sarah Sportelli, Special Education Paraprofessional, effective September 11, 2015
9.A.2. Classified Resignation - Quirina Pappa, Assistant Cook assigned to the Morgan kitchen, effective September 11, 2015
9.B. Appointments (Certificated, Classified, Extra Duty)
9.B.1. Certified Appointment - Corey Zdunczyk to the position of full-time social studies teacher assigned to The Morgan School for the 2015-2016 school year.
9.B.2. Classified Appointment - Christa Barnes to the position of assistant cook assigned to the Joel School cafeteria for 3 hours per school day
9.B.3. Classified Appointment - TBD, to the position of math paraprofessional assigned to Joel and Pierson Schools
9.B.4. Extra-Duty Appointments - Morgan Alternative Program roster 2015-2016: Heather O'Brien-English; Mike Underwood - Math; Colleen Whittel - Science; Peter Gersz - Phys. Ed.; Kathleen Barrett - Foreign Language; and Rachel Antle - social Studies.
9.C. Transfers
9.D. Information
10. Financial Items
10.A. Bills Payable
11. Field Trip Update
12. Adjournment

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