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Thursday, March 10, 2022 8:30 p.m. or immediately following the close of the Town Budget Hearing - Board of Education Regular Meeting - Agenda

Call to Order
Salute to the Flag
Audience of Citizens
Report of the Superintendent
VOTE:  Consent Agenda
Accept the Retirement of Jeffrey Joslyn, Custodian
Report of the Chairman
VOTE: Approval of Minutes
Approve Minutes of Special 5:30 p.m. Meeting of February 24, 2022
Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 24, 2022
Old Business
Information and Possible VOTE:  Solar Panels at Coventry High School
Discussion and Possible VOTE(s):  Approve Policies
Revision: 4118.5 Employee Use of the Districts Computer Systems
Revision: 5125 Confidentiality and Access to Education Records (FERPA)
Revision: 5131.6 Drug and Alcohol Use by Students 
Revision: 9270 Role of Board and Members
Revision: 9362 Time, Place, and Notice of Meetings
New: 3542.4 Food Service Charging Policy 
Revision: 5131.2  Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety
Revision: 5131.4 Use of Private Technological Devices by Students 
Revision: 5144 Student Discipline
Discussion and Possible VOTE: Review of Mask Mandate Requirements at Coventry Public Schools
Report of Board Members
Information:  Fiscal Committee Report, Meeting of March 10, 2022
Possible VOTE:  Executive Session (Superintendent's Evaluation and District Security)
Open Session

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