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April 27, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education - Organizational Meeting Agenda

1 Call to Order - President Pro Tempore
2 Roll Call - Secretary Pro Tempore
3 Pledge of Allegiance
4 Swearing in of the Board of Education
5 Reports from the Public
5A. Public Comments and/or Petitions to the Board of Education
5A.1. Members of the public wishing to address the Board of Education should be guided by School Board Policy 2:230, "Public Participation at a School Board Meeting and Petitions to the Board." A copy of this policy is available with the public "sign-in" sheet at each meeting of the Board of Education.
6 Executive Session for the Purpose of the Appointment of a Person to fill a Public Office
7 Appointment of a Person to fill a Public Office
8 Election of Officers
8A. President
8B. Vice President
8C. Secretary
9 Approve the Authorization of the President's, Vice-President's, and Secretary's Signature on Official Board of Education Documents
10 Set the Calendar of the Next Year's Meetings of the Board of Education
11 Approval the Renewal with the IESA (Illinois Elementary School Association)
Attachments: (1)
12 Tentative, Metamora CCSD #1, Amended, Fiscal Year 2021 Budget
13 Set the Date, Time, and Location for a Public Hearing Regarding the Amended, Metamora CCSD #1, Fiscal Year 2021 Budget
15 Discussion Items
15A. Board of Education Committees
15B. Graduation
15C. Staff Appreciation Lunch
16 Executive Session for the Purpose of Appointment, Compensation, Discipline, Performance, or Dismissal of Specific Employees
17 Action taken after the Executive Session Meeting
17A. Summer Custodial Crew - Drew Damery
17B. Resignation - Krista Krake, Virtual Learning Teacher
17C. Approve salary increase for support staff for 2021-22.
17D. Approve salary increase for Tim Damery, Principal for 2021-22.
17E. Approve salary increase for Mark Dotterer, Asst. Principal and Athletic Director for 2021-22.
18 Adjournment
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