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January 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order: Announce Quorum Present
II. Prayer
III. Public Hearing: 2019-2020 Texas Accountability Performance Report (TAPR)
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IV. Public Comments / Audience Participation
Description:  A maximum of thirty (30) minutes will be allotted for this section, with each person being allowed no more than five (5) minutes. Any person/group wishing to address the Board must sign in on the Open Forum list no later than 5:30 pm. Groups of five or more shall select a representative to speak for the group; the representative will have five minutes. The board may not act on any matter not on the agenda. Any person/group wishing to have a specific item placed on the Board Agenda must complete a Board of Trustees Item Request no later than noon of the tenth calendar day before the meeting. Per Board Policy GF (Local), members of the public having complaints or concerns may present their complaints or concerns to the Board only after following the procedure defined in that policy. The Board intends that, whenever feasible, complaints shall be resolved at the lowest possible administrative level. If a complaint comes before the Board that involves concerns or charges regarding an employee or student, it shall be heard by the Board in closed session unless the employee or student to whom the complaint pertains requests that it be heard in open session.
V. Recognitions 
V.A. School Board Appreciation
VI. ACTION ITEM: Consent Agenda
VI.A. Minutes
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VI.B. Bills Paid
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VI.C. Budget Update
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VI.D. Quarterly Investment Report
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VI.E. Elections
VI.E.1. Order to call election for May 1, 2021
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VII. ACTION ITEM: Election of board officers
VIII. ACTION ITEM: Consideration and approval of 2020-2021 District Improvement Plan
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IX. ACTION ITEM: Discussion and approval of possible candidates for school safety Guardian program
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X. ACTION ITEM: Discussion and possible approval of amendment to 2020-2021 school academic calendar to use 2,100 minutes for flex asynchronous instruction and teacher planning
Description:  ACTION ITEM: Discussion and possible action to amend 2020-2021 school academic calendar to allow for 2,100 minutes of flex asynchronous days to be used for teacher planning
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XI. ACTION ITEM: Discussion and possible approval of pursuit of sale for bid of real property at 1701 Ave. F, Legal Description White PE Blk 15 W50'OFE125'OFN104.5' and 1104 Ave. F, Legal Description OT PE Blk 47 E70'OF 10-12 and to allow the superintendent, Dr. Brian Bibb, to act on the District's behalf to post these properties for bid with a minimum purchase price of the appraised value as determined by the Hale County Appraisal District.
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XII. Closed Session: Closed Session will be held for purposes permitted by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Section 551.
XII.A. Discuss personnel matters and/or hear complaints against personnel 
XII.A.1. Superintendent Evaluation
XIII. Reconvene: Open Session for any action relative to discussion during Closed Session
XIII.A. ACTION ITEM: Consider approval of Superintendent evaluation
XIV. Topics of Discussion
XIV.A. Superintendent's Report
XIV.A.1. Construction Update
XIV.A.2. February Board Meeting Date
XIV.B. Teacher Incentive Allotment Information from Planning Meetings
XIV.C. 2020-2021 Campus Improvement Plans
XIV.D. 2021-2022 District Academic Calendar Draft
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XV. Adjourn

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